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Can't purchase criminal defense at a Florida mall

Two people recently went to a mall in Florida. It's not definite as to what their original purpose for being there might have been. It's logical to assume, however, that their outing did not end up quite the way they had planned. That's because after a series of events, they wound up in need of a criminal defense when police arrested them on suspicion of theft.

Police were reportedly in the area investigating a crime nearby. Officers claim they saw the two people fleeing from the mall. Authorities later reported that when the officers saw the two individuals, they noticed that they were driving in an erratic manner.

Rap star's Instagram video lands him in jail for marijuana crime

Rap fans in Florida and throughout the nation are likely familiar with Kodak Black. His real name is Dieuson Octave and not only is he known for several hit singles, he's also made headline news on various occasions regarding his legal problems. Black was recently back in the limelight when a live action video he posted on Instagram led to marijuana charges (among others) against him.

Someone apparently notified police that a live Instagram video was taking place at Black's home. Police went to check things out when they learned that there were supposedly men in the video rolling marijuana joints and playing with a firearm in a bathroom. At some point, a child allegedly entered the bathroom while the video was still rolling, and not Black, nor anyone else, removed the child from the room.

Don't let freedom fly away due to lack of criminal defense

There was a lot more happening at a local Florida airport on New Year's Eve beyond the taking off and landing of airplanes. It seems airport officials received several reports that various flight passengers were missing luggage. What's more, they suspected a couple who happened to be in the airport at the time was stealing it all. Certain events unfolded that resulted in a man and woman needing criminal defense.

The situation took place at the Miami International Airport. After travelers complained, police were called into review airport security videos. Upon viewing the surveillance films, police decided to make a trip to a particular couple's home.

Florida man charged with felony domestic violence

An individual who had dedicated his life to helping low-income children and families has found himself charged, following an incident with an unnamed woman. A 911 call led authorities to investigate an alleged domestic violence incident on Friday, Dec. 29. The Florida resident was booked, following the preliminary investigation. 

As a children's charity leader, the man's history shows that he had been involved with community work for over a decade. Unfortunately, one night will now haunt him as he prepares to defend himself against criminal charges. The woman in the matter, as-yet unnamed, alleges that the man became drunk and began threatening her. 

Florida traffic stop lands tourists in jail on drug charges

During winter, many out-of-state residents come to Florida to enjoy the warm weather. This appears to be what a group of young adults were doing when police officers interrupted their trip to Tampa by pulling the driver of their vehicle over in a traffic stop. The driver and one of the passengers are now in jail, slated to face drug charges in court.

The officer who made the stop says he detected a strong aroma of marijuana when he approached the vehicle. He says when saw there were five people in the vehicle as well as two dogs that appeared to be pit bulls, he called for backup. At some point, he asked everyone to step out of the car.

Group of men arrested and charged with serious marijuana crimes

There are several men in Florida who may not be starting out in 2018 as they had planned. A group was recently arrested and will now face serious marijuana charges and other criminal allegations in criminal court. Among other accusations, authorities say more than 400 pounds of marijuana were seized during the recent investigation.

The situation reportedly unfolded when police received a report about a possible stolen vehicle. Officers say they set out to look into the matter and, at some point, came in contact with a group of men, one of whom was sitting behind the wheel of a car that appeared to be disabled. Two other men were said to have been standing near the outside of the vehicle at the time.

Situation involving overdose in Florida leads to drug charges

A man in Florida is currently lying comatose in a hospital after allegedly overdosing on drugs at a particular residence. Two other men who supposedly share that home together are now facing drug charges in connection with the incident. Police went to the home with the intent to search it after they received information regarding the other man's overdose.

Investigators say they found a 1-year-old child present in the home. The child's parents were reportedly staying with the two men on a temporary basis. Police say they believe the two men in question left the other man who overdosed lying unconscious for approximately eight hours.

Michael Ray arrested for drunk driving in Florida

Fame and fortune does not necessarily make one immune to some of the legal problems the typical person may face in Florida or elsewhere. Rising country music star, Michael Ray, recently found himself on the wrong side of the law. The title of his chart-topping single, "Kiss You in the Morning," may take on new meaning his recent DUI arrest. He was taken into police custody on suspicion of drunk driving after he was involved in a car accident.

Ray was reportedly behind the wheel and in line at a McDonald's drive-thru when his vehicle allegedly struck the one in front of him. Police arrived at the scene and questioned the singer about the situation. Officers say he claimed his foot merely slipped off the gas pedal.

How marijuana use affects driving abilities

You may know that alcohol impairs your ability to drive, but what about marijuana? First, it is important to remember that possessing or using marijuana is still illegal in Florida. Second, if the police pull you over and detect THC in your system, you could face DUI charges on top of any drug charges. 

How exactly does marijuana affect your driving abilities? Read below to find out how marijuana impairs your driving, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Former wrestling champ accused of domestic violence

Those in Florida who follow World Wrestling Entertainment news may be fans of former cruiserweight champion, Rich Swann. Many are familiar with Swann's story, which includes becoming an orphan by age 16. He is currently facing serious legal problems in connection with a supposed domestic violence incident prompted by allegations his spouse made.

Swann is married to a female professional wrestler who performs under the name Su Yung. On a recent Saturday, a reported altercation occurred between the two spouses. The situation resulted in Yung's accusations that her 26-year-old husband had committed domestic violence against her.

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