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Florida students: Suspension for possession marijuana

A certain amount of medical marijuana is legal in Florida. However, marijuana for recreational purposes is still illegal, and people can face serious repercussions for holding onto even a small amount of the substance. In recent years, Florida has made new laws to limit the repercussions on kids younger than 18 who are guilty of marijuana possession. Today, students may only have to pay a fine, which helps them avoid jail time that could impact their careers later in life. Students should keep in mind that while legal repercussions have diminished, they will also likely face consequences from their schools. 

As of 2018, recreational marijuana is illegal in Florida. That does not stop high school and college students from acquiring it for parties or personal use. If nothing else, these students need to consider their educational career before police discover that they are in possession of an illegal substance. 

How to behave at a DUI checkpoint

DUI checkpoints are legal in Florida, but that has not stopped many motorists from refusing to cooperate. A few years ago, many Florida residents refused to roll down their windows during these checkpoints, asserting that they were within their rights to refuse questioning without any evidence of a crime. 

In general, it is best to cooperate when driving through a DUI checkpoint. As long as you demonstrate you are not under the influence, you likely have nothing to worry about. Here are some tips to bear in mind as you drive through one of these areas:

3 party drugs that are not as harmless as you think

Florida is known for many things. Its beautiful beaches, friendly people and great culture are just a few of the qualities that draw in visitors and residents alike. It is also known as a haven for parties and music festivals. The latter have a tendency to go hand in hand with recreational drug use, but many people fail to realize just how serious this can be.

When law enforcement catches an individual with possession of illegal drugs, it can cost his or her driver's license for two years and lead to felony criminal charges. If convicted, a person cannot remove many of these offenses from a criminal record. The following party drugs are not harmless.

Do not sleep off a DUI in your car

DUIs carry serious consequences. When a police officer pulls you over on suspicion of driving under the influence, you want to do everything in your power to avoid further penalties. One Florida man in Miami apparently did not receive the memo because he chugged a beer during a recent traffic stop. 

Many people have enough common sense to not drive when intoxicated. Some people think it is best to get some rest in their cars after a night of drinking. However, you need to be careful if you do this in Florida. The police can still arrest you for DUI should they catch you asleep inside your car with control of the vehicle. 

Two ways police might violate your rights during a traffic stop

As guardians of law and order, police officers have a special duty to uphold the rights of the people they interact with. This holds true even if the officers feel certain the people have committed a crime. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that police officers abuse citizens' rights.

If any of the following sound familiar, then an officer may have violated your rights.

Can a swatting prank send you to jail?

You may remember an incident that occurred last December, in which a man from Los Angeles reportedly made a phone call to authorities in Kansas claiming to have killed his father, and that he was holding other relatives hostage with weapons. Armed law enforcement showed up at the unsuspecting man’s residence in Wichita, and they shot and killed him when they mistook an innocent gesture as him reaching for a weapon. Florida residents need to understand the grave consequences they can face for playing a prank that is becoming common among internet users.

This prank is known as “swatting.” As you may know, it involves someone making a false call to police or other authorities to lure armed officials to an innocent person’s address.

What to never say to a cop when pulled over for DUI

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious infraction that can lead to catastrophe. Take the recent case of a Florida mom who drove drunk and ended up getting into a crash that resulted in two fatalities. 

Most people have the common sense to avoid driving drunk. However, there are still people who do not see the harm in driving after a couple of alcoholic drinks. This can lead to a lot of anxiety if a police officer pulls you over. Regardless of how much you had to drink, here are a few things you should never say: 

Florida police say their surprise visit led to drug charges

As soon as a Florida police officer knocks on someone's door, asking to step inside to have a look around, the person on the other side of the door has several immediate decisions to make that carry legal consequences, no matter what is decided. Several narcotics officers showed up at a particular home on a recent Thursday, and wound up searching the premises, then making several arrests. Those arrested now face various drug charges.

Deputies from a narcotics task force and members of a SWAT team reportedly combined efforts to serve a search warrant at a house in Port Charlotte. The impromptu visit was apparently part of a month-long investigation. By the time the full search process was executed, police officers on-site made eight arrests.

Limitations of trying to determine BAC on your own

If you are like some people who drink, you may think you are probably safe to drive. That is, you are pretty sure, but you would like to have more concrete reassurance so you do not get charged with DUI. So, you turn to tools such as online BAC calculators or personal breath testing devices.

However, such tools can have their limitations and should not be used as a guarantee that you are sober enough to drive.

When legal problems stem from marijuana issues

Some laws are governed at federal levels while others are left to individual state discretion. Marijuana issues often become entangled between the two, as the federal law continues to list all use of marijuana as illegal while various states have decriminalized it, some enacting laws that make even recreational use of the drug legal. Florida has not come totally on board with that idea yet although restricted medical use of cannabis is permitted in this state.

Various political debates remain ongoing regarding marijuana in most states, but particularly in Florida. To use marijuana medically throughout the state, a person must first obtain a medical identification card that is prescribed by a physician. Many people support the idea of making any and all use of pot legal throughout the nation.

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