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Court says prosecutors lack evidence of heroin crime in Florida

When someone is arrested in Florida on suspicion of a drug crime, it can take weeks or months for the case to be adjudicated. Awaiting a pretrial hearing can be a very stressful experience. However, it is sometimes well worth the wait. One man who was recently acquitted of heroin charges against him would likely agree.

The man was arrested in July. Authorities accused him of lacing heroin with elephant tranquilizers. Two people died, and it was suspected that their deaths were caused by using the allegedly laced heroin provided to them by the man in question.

Aggressive criminal defense often averts lengthy sentences

A man was recently sentenced in a Florida court to 30 years in prison. Even after he fulfills his sentence, he will remain under supervision for the rest of his life. The man has been officially listed as a habitual felony offender. Situations like this one are examples of why it is so crucial to secure experienced and aggressive criminal defense assistance before heading to court.

In this particular case, the defendant was convicted for armed robbery at a convenience store. He was also convicted for grand theft and illegal felony possession of a firearm. The minimum mandatory portion of his sentence is 10 full years.

Clearing up confusion on Florida's marijuana laws

As many states begin to make changes to marijuana laws, it can be difficult to keep track. Different states have decided to decriminalize or legalize marijuana use according to varying circumstances and conditions. If you live in the Sunshine State, you have probably heard about the legalization of medical marijuana that has gone into effect this year. It is important to be aware that there are strict guidelines and limitations to using marijuana for medicinal purposes. Here is an overview of marijuana laws in Florida.

Medical marijuana legalized

In 2016, Florida voters approved the legalization of medical marijuana by passing the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, commonly referred to as Amendment 2. Amendment 2 went into effect on January 3, 2017. It allows individuals with certain diseases to be prescribed medical marijuana by a licensed physician. Eligible diseases and conditions include the following:


  •  Cancer
  •  Epilepsy
  •  Crohn’s disease
  •  Glaucoma
  •  Multiple sclerosis
  •  PTSD
  •  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  •  Parkinson’s disease

Woman arrested for drunk driving when she was not even in a car

A woman in Florida recently found herself facing trouble with police. The officers accused her of drunk driving. Police apparently became aware of a potential problem when several people called in reports to 911.

Police were informed that a woman appeared to be in great danger and was traveling down the middle of the highway. The responding officers came upon a situation they were likely not expecting. Rather than find a woman behind the wheel of a car exhibiting behavior that coincided with the emergency reports, they witnessed instead, a woman riding down the road on horseback.

Cousins in custody may need help with criminal defense

An ongoing situation in Florida peaked on a recent Monday when police took two cousins into custody. Both will likely benefit from seeking criminal defense assistance in an attempt to avoid conviction regarding drug charges and other criminal allegations they face. Police say the arrests were made in conjunction with two undercover drug operations.

A five-month investigation involved local police as well as federal drug task force agencies. The two men arrested after the recent raid are ages 26 and 24. One of them faces a bail set at $46,000 while the other man's is significantly higher at approximately $328,000.

Major marijuana problems for 2 in Florida

When a Florida narcotics unit shows up at the door, the hours, weeks and perhaps years to follow may never be the same for those on the other side. Where marijuana allegations are concerned, situations can be very complicated. Federal law and state law may conflict, which can lead to some very challenging defense issues in court.

On a recent Thursday, task force agents paid two men, ages 21 and 22,  a visit. Both men will likely be pursuing criminal defense options as they fight to preserve their freedom. That is because the investigators' visit led to both men being arrested and charged with serious drug crimes. 

Beware drunk driving dangers when you trick or treat

Many Florida adults enjoy celebrating various community festivities during the Halloween season. From costume parties to adult version trick-or-treat events, hundreds of people join friends and family to show off their creative costume ideas and have fun. This year, police officers throughout the state say they are going to be on the streets as well, not to trick or treat, but to keep their eyes peeled for possible drunk driving situations.

The endeavor is known as a DUI Wolfpack Operation. At approximately 9p.m. Saturday, until Sunday near dawn, police officers will patrol the streets looking for drivers who appear to be impaired. In this state, anyone behind the wheel of a car with a blood alcohol content level of .08 or higher is considered legally intoxicated and may, therefore, be subject to criminal charges.

4 steps to take when you are wrongfully accused of a crime

Did someone wrongfully accuse you of committing a crime? If so, you are probably feeling frustrated, angry and devastated. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you would think. Courts and juries can even convict innocent people and lock them away. 

It may feel like you are facing an impossible battle against law enforcement, but you can take certain actions to defend yourself. Below are the most important steps you should take if you face false accusations of a crime

Charged with drunk driving in Florida?

No one wants to see flashing red and blue lights in their rear view mirror as they drive home following a night on the town with friends. A flood of thoughts may bombard your mind the moment you realize a Florida police officer is pulling you over. If you imbibed by having a drink or two with your dinner, you may be a bit more nervous than usual, and with good reason, as it doesn't take much to prompt drunk driving charges.

In fact, even if you had nothing to drink, if your tires veered slightly over the center line of traffic, an officer may pull you over on suspicion of impaired driving. Depending on the circumstances, he or she may ask you to step out of your vehicle and perform several field sobriety tests. That's enough to make your blood pressure soar, and in your nervous state, you might not fare so well on those tests, which can lead to some very serious legal trouble.

Florida police respond to a fight, drug charges later filed

When one Florida neighbor calls police on another, the ultimate outcome of the situation can never be predicted. A recent incident prompted police to respond to a certain residence because of an alleged disturbance taking place there. Officers say when they arrived, two men were entangled in a physical brawl. Events unfolded from there, however, and six people landed in jail on drug charges.

Authorities say they had been keeping an eye on this particular residence for some time because they believed illegal drug activities were occurring inside. However, police cannot simply waltz up to someone's door and demand entrance. The officers that responded to the disturbance call claim they asked permission to step inside the house and speak with witnesses to the fight.

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