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Is a guilty plea a criminal defense strategy in some cases?

If a Florida resident is charged with a crime, it's understandable that he or she would want to fight against the formal accusations in court. In some situations, however, a criminal defense attorney might advise a particular client to plead guilty to some part or all of the charges on file. While it might not seem logical to someone with no legal background, in some circumstances a guilty plea may be the most viable option.

Criminal defense often next step after police show up at the door

It's not every day people dressed in Homeland Security shirts show up at a home in Florida. That's exactly what happened recently, however, when police and federal agents moved in on a private residence to conduct a search. Such situations often necessitate criminal defense assistance for those involved, which is likely what the woman who was taken into custody is pursuing.

Delray drug rehab owner facing criminal defense situation

Florida is a beautiful state with many amenities to offer residents and visitors alike. However, it's also plagued, like many other states in the nation, by the consequences of a thriving illegal drug market. In fact, a high-profile criminal defense situation developed recently after a lengthy investigation that resulted in the arrest of 30-year-old man who owns a drug rehab center in Delray.

Another criminal defense situation for Nick Gordon in Florida

Several years ago, Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was found unconscious in a bathroom. Sadly, she died approximately six months later. Nick Gordon, her boyfriend at the time, was later ordered to pay tens of millions for her wrongful death even though authorities never determined if she took her own life, was murdered or suffered from an accident. (An autopsy had revealed many drugs in her body.) Gordon, who lives in Florida, has recently found himself in another criminal defense situation involving the young lady he is now dating.

Exploring criminal defense options in Florida

One never knows when the need for legal assistance will arise. Some Florida residents have questions regarding the search and seizure process, while others are dealing with tax-related issues due to errors on their most recent tax forms. It can be quite stressful when authorities accuse you of a criminal offense. However, rather than panic, it's good to remember that criminal defense help is always available.

Woman waives hearing in connection with criminal defense

A woman being held in custody in a location outside of Florida will, in fact, be brought to this state to stand trial on federal charges. As part of her criminal defense, she recently waived an extradition hearing where it was thought she would fight against it. This is one of many types of situations that require decisions from defendants; most understand that it's often best to rely on experienced guidance as they navigate the criminal justice system.

Type of criminal defense presented may affect case outcome

One can only imagine what it would be like to be enjoying an evening in town with a loved one or friends only to have police storm through the door, instructing all patrons to pay their tabs and exit the premises. Needless to say, this would be quite an alarming way to wind down a social occasion. While it may not happen everyday in an average mom and pop local restaurant, it appears to be a rather common occurrence in a particular Florida strip club; in fact, a recent incident occurred that left several in need of criminal defense assistance.

Common reasons for obtaining criminal defense assistance

As you're going about the business of your daily life in Florida, you may face various types of unexpected events. For instance, what if you learn you've been named as a subject in a federal investigation? Such situations can really turn a life upside down and have very negative consequences, unless you know where to turn for criminal defense help to try to mitigate your circumstances.

Drum roll for criminal defense re identity theft charges

Many music fans in Florida and throughout the world enjoy the talents of drummer, Daniel Adair, who plays for Nickelback, a top-rated pop-rock group. Adair has recently been in the news for something other than his drumming abilities, however. A Florida man is accused of stealing Adair's identity. The man reportedly requested criminal defense representation when authorities began asking him questions.

Man convicted of sex crime in Florida in need of criminal defense

There have been situations in Florida where persons convicted of crimes have been able to avoid incarceration. Often, such outcomes are obtained through skilled and aggressive criminal defense. One man who was previously convicted of a sex crime appears to be in trouble again.

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