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US Bancorp to pay hundreds of millions for felonies

A bank headquartered in another state has been accused of violating  the Bank Secrecy Act. U.S. Bancorp was facing charges for two felonies that the government says was discovered in the course of a money laundering prosecution. A bank customers convicted of money laundering was sentenced to more than 16 years in prison. Like most banks in Florida and elsewhere, U.S. Bancorp used a system designed to alert officials of suspicious transactions.

Overcoming charges of felonies: Is it possible?

The title to this post poses a question that does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. Many people in Florida have, indeed, successfully avoided convictions for felonies by fighting the charges against them. Most of those who achieve favorable outcomes credit their success to knowing their rights ahead of time and securing experienced and aggressive defense assistance before heading to court.

Investigation leads to charges for felonies

From visiting beautiful beaches to participating in a vibrant, local nightlife, vacationers often become temporary fixtures of everyday Floridian landscapes. Alongside this jovial atmosphere, however, there's a darker side at hand -- one that involves an apparently serious drug epidemic. In fact, nine people were recently arrested and charged with various felonies that are drug-related.

Police say fatal Craigslist deal led to felonies

Many Florida residents and others throughout the nation buy and sell things through Craigslist, the notorious classified advertising website. Hopefully, those who do pay close attention to recommendations for personal safety when engaging in commercial transactions with strangers. One such deal recently ended in tragedy, with two young men now charged with felonies.

Man charged with felonies after alleged drug deal goes all wrong

Florida authorities were recently involved in a situation that resulted in a fatal motor vehicle collision. A man who was being pursued by law enforcement officers has been charged with several felonies in the matter. It all started when police apparently got a tip from an informant related to the man's supposed illicit drug activity in the area.

Sober home reps charged with felonies

Criminal allegations at the federal level were recently filed against six persons who work for several sober homes in Florida. Such establishments are meant to help recovering addicts get their lives back on track. The six people involved in the recent situation have been charged with felonies, including the attempt to defraud the national health care system.

Florida man charged with felonies after alleged disturbance

There are instances in which many individuals may find themselves facing complicated circumstances. Being accused of felonies is one such situation in which individuals may feel worried about how to move forward. However, those who are fearful of this type of predicament may wish to find assistance in how to handle it. There are various options for such help. 

Think petty theft is no big deal? Think again

Because of its name, people make think petty theft, or "petit theft" as Florida law calls it, is something small. If you are charged with petit theft, however, the ramifications may be larger than you thought. Not only are the penalties and sentences hefty in some cases, but Florida law can enhance a petty theft charge into a felony under certain criteria. Before you know it, you could be fighting a felony charge.

Felonies: Florida man charged with animal cruelty

When working to address serious criminal charges, individuals may have a lot of information coming to them at one time. They may feel bombarded, and the ability to make clear decisions may escape them. Luckily, individuals facing charges for felonies or other allegations have options for seeking assistance when it comes to dealing with criminal legal matters.

Felonies brought against Florida man suspected in burglary

The ways in which an individual may choose to handle a legal predicament may vary depending on the circumstances. If an individual has been charged with felonies, he or she may want to gain information on the allegations themselves as well as possible criminal defense strategies. In addition, he or she may find discussing his or her concerns with an experienced defense attorney beneficial.

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