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Posts tagged "Domestic Violence"

Florida man charged with felony domestic violence

An individual who had dedicated his life to helping low-income children and families has found himself charged, following an incident with an unnamed woman. A 911 call led authorities to investigate an alleged domestic violence incident on Friday, Dec. 29. The Florida resident was booked, following the preliminary investigation. 

Former wrestling champ accused of domestic violence

Those in Florida who follow World Wrestling Entertainment news may be fans of former cruiserweight champion, Rich Swann. Many are familiar with Swann's story, which includes becoming an orphan by age 16. He is currently facing serious legal problems in connection with a supposed domestic violence incident prompted by allegations his spouse made.

How to fight against false domestic violence charges

Florida, like most other states, is home to many disturbing family situations where one or more people suffer at the hands of their loved ones. Domestic violence is a serious issue, and anyone living in fear of such violence should seek immediate assistance from appropriate support networks. There is another side to the issue, however, involving those who are falsely accused.

Off-duty deputy on the wrong side of domestic violence issue

Just because someone wears a law enforcement badge during the normal course of his or her workplace duties, doesn't mean that person's private life never involves legal trouble of any kind. In fact, some Florida police officers have themselves been charged with crimes in the past. One off-duty deputy is currently facing such challenges involving domestic violence charges.

Man arrest for violation of domestic violence order and abduction

A Florida man who had filed a protective order against his estranged wife was recently involved in an incident that resulted in his arrest. There are several serious allegations against him, and he has apparently faced multiple accusations of domestic violence previously. He also reportedly pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges within the past year.

Fighting domestic violence charges in criminal court

Florida families are not unlike others across the nation in that sometimes they face relationship problems. How such issues are resolved varies by family. Some choose to seek counseling, while others work through them on their own. There are also situations that seem to get out of hand, sometimes resulting in criminal charges of domestic violence.

Avoiding conviction if charged with domestic violence in Florida

Being accused of crimes that involve physical harm toward a member of one's family is obviously a serious matter. However, merely being charged with domestic violence in Florida or elsewhere is by no means a constitution of guilt. Every person is presumed innocent, unless proved otherwise in court.

Florida man charged in purported domestic violence incident

Many couples have arguments. Such occurrences are normal, and individuals tend to move past such events quickly. However, there are instances in which a disagreement or other issue could cause a conflict to escalate, and an individual could be charged in relation to domestic violence. In the event of such allegations, the accused party may wish to determine the best defense routes.

Alleged domestic violence incident leads to Florida man's arrest

One man in Florida may soon be working on his legal case after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the 27-year-old man was arrested after a purported domestic violence incident that resulted in his allegedly striking his girlfriend with a vehicle. The man had reportedly became upset with the girl -- who was reported as being a teenager -- after a remark she had made earlier that day.

Man charged with domestic violence after alleged Florida incident

When faced with a difficult situation, many individuals would likely want to handle the predicament in the best way possible. However, if the issue is complicated or the individuals do not have considerable knowledge on what steps to take, finding the best option may be stressful. Luckily, individuals facing legal action due to charges of domestic violence may be able to seek assistance.

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