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Tragic Incident During Craigslist Transaction Ends in Fatal Shooting

In a tragic turn of events, a Craigslist transaction for a dirt bike ended in violence and death in Tampa on Tuesday night. James Beck, 44, accompanied his son to sell a dirt bike advertised on Craigslist. They traveled to Tampa with the bike secured in their truck and met with two potential buyers near N 18th Street and East 24th Avenue.

According to Tampa Police, it quickly became apparent that the supposed buyers intended to rob Beck and his son. During the confrontation, one of the suspects shot James Beck, who tragically succumbed to his injuries. The perpetrators then fled with the dirt bike.

Following the incident, authorities successfully apprehended one of the suspects, 16-year-old Ramontrae Williams, charging him with first-degree felony murder and robbery. The second suspect remains at large, with police actively pursuing strong leads in hopes of making a second arrest. This incident serves as a somber reminder of the potential dangers of private transactions arranged online.