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Sex Crimes Archives

Father of young child facing drug charges in Florida

Being accused of a crime in Florida is enough to cause some very negative circumstances in one's life. Facing drug charges, in particular, can place one's reputation and very freedom at risk. If the situation involves children, the person charged can expect to face a serious uphill battle when attempting to avoid conviction and stay out of jail.

Florida officer claims sex crimes connected to McNuggets meal

Many people in Florida and elsewhere have been accused in the past of agreeing to sexual favors in exchange for money, drugs or other forms of compensation. One woman, age 22, is facing trouble with the law after a police officer accused her of sex crimes. It's not the first time the woman has faced criminal charges in court.

Florida party alleged scene of underage drinking and sex crimes

Many teens in Florida and elsewhere love to get together and party with their friends. One youth is said to have been hosting a party at his house that included other teens from two local high schools. The child's mother was reportedly also present at the time, which apparently resulted in her being charged with sex crimes.

Boy Scout leader in Florida to face charges for sex crimes

One never knows when life will take a drastic turn. For some, changes might be welcomed and lead to a happier, more successful future. For others, the future may appear more bleak, especially if facing criminal charges for sex crimes is on the calendar. A man in Florida will do just that in the near future.

Struggles for male students after being cleared of sexual assault

Many college students accused of sexual assault are later cleared, but the stigma of the accusation remains. These men face numerous challenges that were not present before, and getting their lives back on track can be incredibly draining. If you are in such a situation, it is good to know about the obstacles you may face.

Elderly sex crimes convicts often face challenges after release

In Florida and other states, those who serve time in prison for sexually-related offenses are often required to register as sex offenders in the states where they reside, sometimes for the rest of their lives. Many people, especially those who are older in age, face tremendous challenges when it comes to remembering to register as sex crimes offenders at the proper times. One man recently told a judge his only crime is that he is old and forgetful.

Officer working against child predators accused of sex crimes

A situation has developed in Florida that includes a law enforcement supervisor who has been accused of criminal acts. The man had reportedly been working in a department that investigates possible child predator activity online. He himself has now been formally charged with sex crimes.

Teacher in Florida accused of sex crimes

When a teacher in Florida or any other state is accused of inappropriate behavior toward a student, entire communities tend to sit up and take notice. When accusations involve possible sex crimes, the negative impact of the situation may immediately cause damage to the teacher's reputation, even before charges have been filed. One female substitute teacher, age 28, is currently facing such issues after being accused of luring a male student to her apartment.

Hundreds of arrests nationwide in federal sex crimes sting

A mother in Florida recently lamented the tragic loss of her 14-year-old daughter. The girl apparently died of a drug overdose. Moreover, the incident is reportedly connected to a recent federal sex crimes sting across the nation. All told, at least 200 arrests have taken place and approximately 80 minors rescued from a dangerous sex trafficking operation.

Florida car service driver accused of sex crimes

It is not unusual for individuals to utilize car services in order to get to and from their destinations. However, these car rides could take unexpected turns for passengers and drivers alike. There have been reports of individuals allegedly being sexually assaulted, robbed or otherwise mistreated after getting into a car or picking someone up. As a result, criminal charges relating to sex crimes and other alleged actions have been filed in several instances.

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