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Marijuana Archives

When legal problems stem from marijuana issues

Some laws are governed at federal levels while others are left to individual state discretion. Marijuana issues often become entangled between the two, as the federal law continues to list all use of marijuana as illegal while various states have decriminalized it, some enacting laws that make even recreational use of the drug legal. Florida has not come totally on board with that idea yet although restricted medical use of cannabis is permitted in this state.

Florida police respond to call, man arrested for marijuana

An 18-year-old man was recently taken into police custody in Florida. The situation is connected to supposed marijuana crimes, in addition to other drug charges. It all started when a resident of a particular neighborhood reportedly called police to ask that officers be dispatched to the scene to check out a suspicious vehicle.

Rap star's Instagram video lands him in jail for marijuana crime

Rap fans in Florida and throughout the nation are likely familiar with Kodak Black. His real name is Dieuson Octave and not only is he known for several hit singles, he's also made headline news on various occasions regarding his legal problems. Black was recently back in the limelight when a live action video he posted on Instagram led to marijuana charges (among others) against him.

Group of men arrested and charged with serious marijuana crimes

There are several men in Florida who may not be starting out in 2018 as they had planned. A group was recently arrested and will now face serious marijuana charges and other criminal allegations in criminal court. Among other accusations, authorities say more than 400 pounds of marijuana were seized during the recent investigation.

Florida marijuana law complex: Confusion may spur legal trouble

If you do any amount of traveling throughout Florida or the rest of the United States, you likely already understand that as you go from state to state, you may encounter various types of laws pertaining to similar topics. For instance, laws regarding theft may vary by state. The laws regarding marijuana have a lot of people confused nowadays.

Woman left with no ride after driver gets arrested for marijuana

A woman and her two children were traveling as backseat passengers in a Florida man's car on a recent Friday night when she wound up without a ride following the man's arrest. The situation unfolded when a police officer, who happened to be driving along the same road, claims to have noticed the man driving in a rather erratic manner. The officer said the man was tailgating other motorists and kept accelerating above the posted speed limit. The incident included allegations of marijuana and other drug crimes as well.

Major marijuana problems for 2 in Florida

When a Florida narcotics unit shows up at the door, the hours, weeks and perhaps years to follow may never be the same for those on the other side. Where marijuana allegations are concerned, situations can be very complicated. Federal law and state law may conflict, which can lead to some very challenging defense issues in court.

On duty police officer says man tried to sell him marijuana

Florida residents, like most others throughout the nation, often use test messaging to communicate. Mistakes are sometimes made and messages wind up with the wrong people. That is what police say happened to one of their on-duty officers, who claims to have gotten a text message from a man trying to sell him marijuana.

Marijuana still not legalized for recreational use in Florida

A casual survey of Florida residents as to whether smoking cannabis should be decriminalized would likely produce mixed results. Some people avidly support such changes to the law, while others prefer existing laws to remain on the books. As it is, Florida has not moved to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

Clearing up confusion on Florida's marijuana laws

As many states begin to make changes to marijuana laws, it can be difficult to keep track. Different states have decided to decriminalize or legalize marijuana use according to varying circumstances and conditions. If you live in the Sunshine State, you have probably heard about the legalization of medical marijuana that has gone into effect this year. It is important to be aware that there are strict guidelines and limitations to using marijuana for medicinal purposes. Here is an overview of marijuana laws in Florida.

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