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Heroin Archives

Police claims K-9 unit alerted him to heroin in woman's car

A Florida police officer recently made a traffic stop that wound up leading to a woman's arrest. The officer says he initially pulled her over because he saw her commit several traffic violations. The situation unfolded into much more than a typical traffic stop; in fact, the woman now faces heroin and other drug charges in connection to the incident.

Heroin trafficking, other charges brought against Florida man

After having accusations of involvement in drug-related activities brought against them, many people want to take action as soon as possible. There are various ways in which an individual could allow him or herself to get a leg-up on creating a criminal defense against accusations relating to heroin trafficking and other drug crimes. The path that could prove most useful will likely depend on the circumstances of the arrest and the party's personal views and decisions.

Florida police say major heroin bust went down in Jacksonville

Some Florida residents will wake up today, go to work, and pretty much carry out the same tasks and duties as the day before, and likely will do the rest of the week as well. Others may encounter unexpected events that change their lives forever. The latter seems to be the case for 11 men who were arrested as part of a major heroin investigation.

Court says prosecutors lack evidence of heroin crime in Florida

When someone is arrested in Florida on suspicion of a drug crime, it can take weeks or months for the case to be adjudicated. Awaiting a pretrial hearing can be a very stressful experience. However, it is sometimes well worth the wait. One man who was recently acquitted of heroin charges against him would likely agree.

Can tattoos help people avoid heroin convictions in Florida?

Getting "tatted up," as it's called informally, is all the rage in Florida and throughout the United States. Even people over age 50 are spending thousands of dollars to turn their bodies into virtual walking art galleries. Having a prominent tattoo (similar to a birthmark) helps fine-tune a person's identification. It begs the question then, whether such marks can help get someone out of trouble, say when facing heroin charges or other drug-related allegations.

Florida man accused of heroin crimes also charged for son's death

Most everyone with toddlers in their homes knows how challenging it can be to keep track of them. By age 2, many children have acquired significant mobile abilities that keep parents and other caregivers on their toes all day. Sometimes, tragedy can occur in an instant, and it's always especially sad when it involves a child. A Florida man is currently living this reality since the recent death of his son, which police say was caused by his negligence while he was high on heroin.

Police say man threw bags of heroin across parking lot

There are typically certain things a person should not do, if approached by police in the parking lot of a Florida motel. One of them is to run away while tossing baggies containing unidentified substances into the air. This is what apparently raised investigators' suspicions at a motel in another state. In fact, the incident led to federal charges involving heroin.

Father of missing woman suspects man sentenced for heroin crime

A young woman has been missing in Florida since Aug. 2016. Recently, several people were sentenced with regard to heroin crimes in the area. One of those men was arrested at a residence the missing woman's father said she used to visit frequently. The father believes that the gang members recently sentenced might have information regarding his daughter's whereabouts.

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