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Woman charged with drunk driving in Florida

One woman finds herself defending against charges that she was operating a motor vehicle while impaired. She faces drunk driving charges in the Florida town where she was arrested. While it is not clear what the woman's original purpose was for being out on the roads, she certainly ended up with her evening not going the way she had originally planned. 

Michael Ray arrested for drunk driving in Florida

Fame and fortune does not necessarily make one immune to some of the legal problems the typical person may face in Florida or elsewhere. Rising country music star, Michael Ray, recently found himself on the wrong side of the law. The title of his chart-topping single, "Kiss You in the Morning," may take on new meaning his recent DUI arrest. He was taken into police custody on suspicion of drunk driving after he was involved in a car accident.

Not a good idea to smoke marijuana before drunk driving hearing

If a person is called before a Florida criminal judge with the possibility of obtaining a plea agreement in a very serious situation, it's logical to assume that person would do everything in his or her power to gain the court's favor. It's also safe to assume it would not be in a defendant's best interests to participate in any activity leading up to a particular hearing that could possibly compromise one's case. A woman charged with drunk driving after a pedestrian collision in 2016 appears to have learned a tough lesson when the judge holding the power to grant or refuse a plea agreement in her case decided to rescind the offer when she tested positive for marijuana.

Beware drunk driving dangers when you trick or treat

Many Florida adults enjoy celebrating various community festivities during the Halloween season. From costume parties to adult version trick-or-treat events, hundreds of people join friends and family to show off their creative costume ideas and have fun. This year, police officers throughout the state say they are going to be on the streets as well, not to trick or treat, but to keep their eyes peeled for possible drunk driving situations.

Charged with drunk driving in Florida?

No one wants to see flashing red and blue lights in their rear view mirror as they drive home following a night on the town with friends. A flood of thoughts may bombard your mind the moment you realize a Florida police officer is pulling you over. If you imbibed by having a drink or two with your dinner, you may be a bit more nervous than usual, and with good reason, as it doesn't take much to prompt drunk driving charges.

What are the potential penalties of drunk driving in Florida?

Any person in Florida accused of crime is allowed to present as strong a defense as possible to hopefully avoid conviction. Penalties for some crimes, such as drunk driving, tend to be quite stringent. In fact, those who research potential penalties ahead of time may help save themselves and others lots of headaches and related stress.

Did you end your Florida vacation facing drunk driving charges?

Whether you live in Florida all year long or merely visit from time to time, you many enjoy many summer activities that the region has to offer. Summer vacations don't always go as planned, however, and if your most recent stay at the beach ended with drunk driving charges filed against you, it may not go down in history as one of your favorite vacations. As distressing as such situations can be, it doesn't necessarily have to ruin the rest of your life.

Strategies for fighting against drunk driving charges in court

Getting pulled over in traffic by Florida police is typically a stressful experience. Many times, the purpose for the stop is not immediately apparent, which can cause further anxiety. There are also times when a police officer states one reason for a traffic stop but winds up adding other citations (or even criminal charges, such as drunk driving).

Is your head spinning from drunk driving charges?

Suppose you visited your favorite Florida restaurant with a group of friends and were pulled over by police on your way home. Do you know whether they're allowed to search your vehicle, and whether you have the right to refuse to take a Breathalyzer test? What about options that might be available to fight against drunk driving charges? Knowing where to turn for support and to seek clarification of the laws that govern such matters may help you avoid serious problems if you're arrested on suspicion of intoxicated driving.

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