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Florida police respond to a fight, drug charges later filed

When one Florida neighbor calls police on another, the ultimate outcome of the situation can never be predicted. A recent incident prompted police to respond to a certain residence because of an alleged disturbance taking place there. Officers say when they arrived, two men were entangled in a physical brawl. Events unfolded from there, however, and six people landed in jail on drug charges.

National guard member aids Florida police, drug charges filed

Children in a Florida neighborhood reportedly told police they had seen a vehicle with a spare tire parked near their mother's car. That was not all they told the officers, and the rest led to events that ended with drug charges filed against two men. A female of minor age was released to the custody of her grandmother.

Man in Florida facing major drug charges after police raid

A man's house in Florida was searched by police at approximately 6 p.m. on a recent Saturday. The situation ended with the man's arrest. He is now facing serious drug charges regarding the incident. The 44-year-old will likely have his work cut out for him if he hopes to avoid conviction. However, criminal charges are not proof of guilt, and every defendant gets an opportunity to present a strong defense.

Several Florida residents facing serious drug charges

No one knows what a particular Florida man may have had planned for a recent Wednesday, but it's safe to say the day likely didn't pan out as he'd hoped. In fact, law enforcement officers entered his home and conducted a major search. The situation landed more than one person behind bars, each facing some very serious drug charges

Police say Florida residents facing drug charges are in Nazi gang

Police recently raided a mobile in home in Florida. They say the people living there are part of a supposed gang that includes the word Nazi in its title. The group is now facing drug charges due to the items police claim to have found in the home.

What's next after being accused of drug charges?

It's safe to say that there is likely no Florida resident who wants to face trouble with the law. However, many people wind up doing so, even when they are innocent of any crime. Others are face drug charges or charges for other crimes after making poor choices or getting involved in situations they later regret.

Man facing drug charges fights extradition

Things that have nothing to do with Florida weather temperatures are heating up in a current criminal investigation. A man was recently arrested in Florida who is already in serious trouble with the law in another state. He is reportedly fighting extradition in the fast-developing drug charges situation.

Florida man facing serious cocaine charges, among others

Florida police decided to conduct a raid as part of their efforts to cut down illegal drug activity in the area, which apparently resulted in a bad situation for one man in particular. He's now facing serious cocaine charges, as well as charges for other drug-related crimes. A sheriff involved in the raid said he's instructed his department to file homicide charges against anyone who sells drugs laced with fentanyl that leads to fatal overdose.

Police file drug charges against 3 people in Florida

Multiple arrests were made recently at a particular Florida condominium complex after a recent drug raid. The trio now faces serious drug charges following the after-hours incident. The situation underscores the fact that not all police investigations take place during daylight hours, and those being investigated are not always aware that police intend to pay a visit.

Not the first time this man has faced drug charges in Florida

When a person is convicted of a crime in Florida and is sent to jail as part of his or her sentence, the abrupt change in lifestyle often comes as a shock. There are many regulations behind bars that the average person doesn't encounter in everyday life outside a jail cell, such as rules about what type of hairstyle is acceptable. One man currently facing drug charges in this state may have to change his appearance if things don't go his way in court. 

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