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Florida police say their surprise visit led to drug charges

As soon as a Florida police officer knocks on someone's door, asking to step inside to have a look around, the person on the other side of the door has several immediate decisions to make that carry legal consequences, no matter what is decided. Several narcotics officers showed up at a particular home on a recent Thursday, and wound up searching the premises, then making several arrests. Those arrested now face various drug charges.

Super Bowl champ LeGarrette Blount's brother facing drug charges

A particular Florida neighborhood was recently the center of focused police activity. Investigators apparently showed up at several residences, claiming to have search warrants. Following the spree of home searches, police made several arrests, and drug charges were filed against those in custody, one of whom is said to be the brother of NFL star, LeGarrette Blount.

Florida doctor wearing ankle monitor regarding drug charges

A Florida doctor and several of members of his staff were recently indicted for fraud and various illegal drug activities. The drug charges and money laundering situation is quite serious; in fact, the doctor was released from jail on a half million dollar bond, but he must wear a GPS tracking device on his ankle while the case is pending. He is also on house arrest between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Prosecutors file serious drug charges against mother of teens

A 42-year-old woman who was working in a diner along the Florida Turnpike recently experienced an interruption in her work schedule. Instead of carrying out her normal duties at the diner, she wound up getting arrested and facing serious drug charges, along with 40 others. The charges came at the tail end of a major drug investigation known as Operation Big Mi-Steak.

Florida traffic stop lands tourists in jail on drug charges

During winter, many out-of-state residents come to Florida to enjoy the warm weather. This appears to be what a group of young adults were doing when police officers interrupted their trip to Tampa by pulling the driver of their vehicle over in a traffic stop. The driver and one of the passengers are now in jail, slated to face drug charges in court.

Situation involving overdose in Florida leads to drug charges

A man in Florida is currently lying comatose in a hospital after allegedly overdosing on drugs at a particular residence. Two other men who supposedly share that home together are now facing drug charges in connection with the incident. Police went to the home with the intent to search it after they received information regarding the other man's overdose.

Florida man facing drug charges following woman's death

A situation recently occurred in Florida that prompted police to launch an undercover drug investigation. Now, they say they have arrested a man whom they believe is connected with another person's death. Because of all this, the man is facing some very serious drug charges.

Drug charges filed against Florida hotel guest

A man who had been living in a Florida hotel for at least three weeks says he was quite disappointed to learn there may have been a methamphetamine lab in use at the hotel. In fact, he said, in light of news that drug charges were filed, he will likely move out and find a new place to stay. The man said even though today's world is more open to drug use, he does not think it's a good thing to have an active drug manufacturing setup in a local hotel.

Florida police respond to a fight, drug charges later filed

When one Florida neighbor calls police on another, the ultimate outcome of the situation can never be predicted. A recent incident prompted police to respond to a certain residence because of an alleged disturbance taking place there. Officers say when they arrived, two men were entangled in a physical brawl. Events unfolded from there, however, and six people landed in jail on drug charges.

National guard member aids Florida police, drug charges filed

Children in a Florida neighborhood reportedly told police they had seen a vehicle with a spare tire parked near their mother's car. That was not all they told the officers, and the rest led to events that ended with drug charges filed against two men. A female of minor age was released to the custody of her grandmother.

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