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Criminal defense guidance may help minimize DUI repercussions

When a Florida police officer pulls someone over on suspicion of drunk driving, he or she may request that a motorist perform a series of tests to help determine whether probable cause for arrest exists. A women was asked to take such tests on a recent Sunday at approximately 2 a.m. when police officers claimed she was driving erratically. The events that unfolded next wound up costing the woman her job and focusing on her criminal defense

Can't purchase criminal defense at a Florida mall

Two people recently went to a mall in Florida. It's not definite as to what their original purpose for being there might have been. It's logical to assume, however, that their outing did not end up quite the way they had planned. That's because after a series of events, they wound up in need of a criminal defense when police arrested them on suspicion of theft.

Don't let freedom fly away due to lack of criminal defense

There was a lot more happening at a local Florida airport on New Year's Eve beyond the taking off and landing of airplanes. It seems airport officials received several reports that various flight passengers were missing luggage. What's more, they suspected a couple who happened to be in the airport at the time was stealing it all. Certain events unfolded that resulted in a man and woman needing criminal defense.

Criminal defense situation in Florida continues to unfold

Police recently showed up at a home in Florida, wanting to have a look around. The situation resulted in three people facing an immediate need for criminal defense as they were arrested and charged with serious drug crimes. There were others in the house at the time; however, they were released, pending a continued investigation.

Aggressive criminal defense often averts lengthy sentences

A man was recently sentenced in a Florida court to 30 years in prison. Even after he fulfills his sentence, he will remain under supervision for the rest of his life. The man has been officially listed as a habitual felony offender. Situations like this one are examples of why it is so crucial to secure experienced and aggressive criminal defense assistance before heading to court.

Cousins in custody may need help with criminal defense

An ongoing situation in Florida peaked on a recent Monday when police took two cousins into custody. Both will likely benefit from seeking criminal defense assistance in an attempt to avoid conviction regarding drug charges and other criminal allegations they face. Police say the arrests were made in conjunction with two undercover drug operations.

Criminal defense will likely be central focus of developing story

A recent weekend in Florida included a major police operation that authorities say led to a take down of an active drug and prostitution ring. Police arrested 15 people -- 14 women and one man -- in the raid. Ages of those arrested range from 20 to 40. As in all such situations, each person charged with illegal drug or prostitution activity will be afforded an opportunity to seek criminal defense guidance before heading to court.

Criminal defense may be needed re Florida police investigation

Florida police are not offering a lot of information about an ongoing investigation at this time. They recently raided medical offices in Jacksonville and surrounding regions. Authorities have stated that there are doctors suspected of fraud and drug crimes. If the situations leads to arrests and charges, strong criminal defense will likely be needed to avoid convictions.

Failure to recite Miranda rights may affect criminal defense

If Florida police suspect someone of a crime, they may use any number of tactics or strategies to investigate the issue. This often involves directly approaching a particular person and asking all sorts of questions. If done properly and the person answers those questions and is later charged with a crime, anything he or she said to police during the conversation may be used for incrimination purposes in court; this may greatly impact criminal defense options.

Criminal defense will likely be high priority following drug raid

Florida police have arrested nine people following a major drug raid on several homes. Developing criminal defense strategies will likely be a top priority for those taken into custody. There are reportedly at least six other people investigators are still trying to locate.

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