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Cocaine Archives

Police claim many of 49 arrested were selling cocaine

An extended drug investigation has come to a close in Florida. Police say they made 49 arrests and are continuing a search for at least four more people in connection to their investigation. They also said that many of the people they arrested were selling illegal drugs on the street. No one facing charges involving cocaine distribution or other drug-related issues has to go it alone in court. There is always support available.

Behavioral assistant resigns from job at high school re cocaine

A woman who was employed at Florida high school may be spending the school year a bit differently than she had originally planned. That's because she has recently handed in her resignation. She is involved in a situation having to do with cocaine possession.

Vehicle passenger taken to jail on cocaine charges

When someone is traveling as a passenger in a vehicle, and a Florida police officer pulls the driver over in a traffic stop, it isn't likely the passenger expects to be handcuffed and taken to jail. However, there's all sorts of situations that may lead to such circumstances, such as if the officer claims to have witnessed the passenger committing a crime. One man was recently arrested in a similar situation involving allegations of cocaine possession. 

False positive cocaine analysis lands man in jail for 90 days

Sometimes, a mere traffic stop turns into a much more serious situation when Florida police officers suspect illegal activity on the driver's part. For instance, a man was stopped for driving without his headlights on and wound up getting arrested on the spot. Authorities say the man happened to be on probation at the time and was out past his curfew. Accusations involving cocaine and other drugs followed as well.

Cowboys of a different kind: Cocaine issues in Florida

Authorities say drug-related problems in Florida have been on the rise. Supposedly, cocaine, in particular, has made a comeback as a drug of choice in this region. Officials say most cocaine shipments arrive in the Sunshine State from Colombia. The process of moving the drug across borders and states is apparently so popular, those who conduct such operations are dubbed, "cocaine cowboys."

U.S. Coastguard offloads alleged cocaine shipment in Florida

In most Florida circles, $500 million is considered a substantial amount of money. If one were to assign this value to a load of cocaine drugs, it would be logical to assume a lot of drugs were involved. This estimated amount is the value of U.S. Coastguard cutters' reported shipments of cocaine, amassed in several alleged drug busts at sea.

3 people facing cocaine charges after police raid Florida home

Florida authorities say that three people they recently arrested share something else in common besides their last name, and that is drug trafficking. Of course, as in all criminal proceedings, charges are mere accusations, which must actually be proved in court before any conviction is possible. The three people in this particular situation will each have the opportunity to fight against the serious drug charges involving cocaine that were filed after the incident.

Alleged drug kingpin to face cocaine charges in Florida

The Argentina government recently announced that it has extradited an alleged drug kingpin to Florida. The reported purpose of the extradition is so the man can face charges involving cocaine trafficking. Authorities met the man at the airport and escorted him on his flight back to the United States.

Cocaine possession, other charges leveled against Florida man

One man in Florida may be looking into his legal options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that authorities conducted a search of the man's home, though the reason was unclear. It was noted that they had a warrant for the search. As a result, authorities purportedly found cocaine and other drugs and paraphernalia in the home. 

Cocaine trafficking charge leveled against Florida man

Facing criminal charges is a situation that could happen to anyone under certain circumstances. It is not unusual for residents to tip off police if they believe a crime is being committed, and as a result, authorities may investigate. If police suspect that an individual is participating in an illegal activity, it is possible for an arrest to occur. One Florida man is currently facing such a predicament after being accused of trafficking cocaine

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