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3 party drugs that are not as harmless as you think

Florida is known for many things. Its beautiful beaches, friendly people and great culture are just a few of the qualities that draw in visitors and residents alike. It is also known as a haven for parties and music festivals. The latter have a tendency to go hand in hand with recreational drug use, but many people fail to realize just how serious this can be.

When law enforcement catches an individual with possession of illegal drugs, it can cost his or her driver's license for two years and lead to felony criminal charges. If convicted, a person cannot remove many of these offenses from a criminal record. The following party drugs are not harmless.

1. Marijuana

According to the Miami Herald, medical marijuana has just recently become legalized in Florida. It is still illegal for anybody without a card to be in possession of the drug, though. In addition to the risk of possession, driving while under the influence of cannabis can land a driver with a DUI charge—another serious legal infraction.

2. Ecstasy

Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, is a common party drug that triggers hallucinations and heightened sensations. Many people use it to enhance their experience at concerts, parties and other entertainment events. People caught with the drug can end up with criminal charges, and using it also puts their health at risk. Like any other illegal drug, individuals taking MDMA can never be sure what they are ingesting.

3. Cocaine

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that is seriously detrimental to a person's body. The immediacy of its high lures users, but its impact on the central nervous system makes it dangerous. The body absorbs the drug through the bloodstream, which speeds up the functions of the CNS. Though this feeling can be pleasurable, overdosing is not uncommon, and any use of cocaine can lead to criminal charges

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