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February 2018 Archives

US Bancorp to pay hundreds of millions for felonies

A bank headquartered in another state has been accused of violating  the Bank Secrecy Act. U.S. Bancorp was facing charges for two felonies that the government says was discovered in the course of a money laundering prosecution. A bank customers convicted of money laundering was sentenced to more than 16 years in prison. Like most banks in Florida and elsewhere, U.S. Bancorp used a system designed to alert officials of suspicious transactions.

Heroin trafficking, other charges brought against Florida man

After having accusations of involvement in drug-related activities brought against them, many people want to take action as soon as possible. There are various ways in which an individual could allow him or herself to get a leg-up on creating a criminal defense against accusations relating to heroin trafficking and other drug crimes. The path that could prove most useful will likely depend on the circumstances of the arrest and the party's personal views and decisions.

Make sure your traffic stop does not lead to drug charges

If you are pulled over on a Florida road for an alleged traffic violation, there are things you should and should not do. The officer can ask for your driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance, and you must provide these. The officer likewise can check to see if you have outstanding warrants and arrest you if you do. If you have no warrants, the traffic investigation is over and the only further thing the officer can do is write the ticket(s). He or she can do nothing else, such as ask you questions about unrelated matters or search your vehicle.

Super Bowl champ LeGarrette Blount's brother facing drug charges

A particular Florida neighborhood was recently the center of focused police activity. Investigators apparently showed up at several residences, claiming to have search warrants. Following the spree of home searches, police made several arrests, and drug charges were filed against those in custody, one of whom is said to be the brother of NFL star, LeGarrette Blount.

Florida doctor wearing ankle monitor regarding drug charges

A Florida doctor and several of members of his staff were recently indicted for fraud and various illegal drug activities. The drug charges and money laundering situation is quite serious; in fact, the doctor was released from jail on a half million dollar bond, but he must wear a GPS tracking device on his ankle while the case is pending. He is also on house arrest between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Woman charged with drunk driving in Florida

One woman finds herself defending against charges that she was operating a motor vehicle while impaired. She faces drunk driving charges in the Florida town where she was arrested. While it is not clear what the woman's original purpose was for being out on the roads, she certainly ended up with her evening not going the way she had originally planned. 

Prosecutors file serious drug charges against mother of teens

A 42-year-old woman who was working in a diner along the Florida Turnpike recently experienced an interruption in her work schedule. Instead of carrying out her normal duties at the diner, she wound up getting arrested and facing serious drug charges, along with 40 others. The charges came at the tail end of a major drug investigation known as Operation Big Mi-Steak.

Florida police say major heroin bust went down in Jacksonville

Some Florida residents will wake up today, go to work, and pretty much carry out the same tasks and duties as the day before, and likely will do the rest of the week as well. Others may encounter unexpected events that change their lives forever. The latter seems to be the case for 11 men who were arrested as part of a major heroin investigation.

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