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December 2017 Archives

Situation involving overdose in Florida leads to drug charges

A man in Florida is currently lying comatose in a hospital after allegedly overdosing on drugs at a particular residence. Two other men who supposedly share that home together are now facing drug charges in connection with the incident. Police went to the home with the intent to search it after they received information regarding the other man's overdose.

Michael Ray arrested for drunk driving in Florida

Fame and fortune does not necessarily make one immune to some of the legal problems the typical person may face in Florida or elsewhere. Rising country music star, Michael Ray, recently found himself on the wrong side of the law. The title of his chart-topping single, "Kiss You in the Morning," may take on new meaning his recent DUI arrest. He was taken into police custody on suspicion of drunk driving after he was involved in a car accident.

How marijuana use affects driving abilities

You may know that alcohol impairs your ability to drive, but what about marijuana? First, it is important to remember that possessing or using marijuana is still illegal in Florida. Second, if the police pull you over and detect THC in your system, you could face DUI charges on top of any drug charges. 

Former wrestling champ accused of domestic violence

Those in Florida who follow World Wrestling Entertainment news may be fans of former cruiserweight champion, Rich Swann. Many are familiar with Swann's story, which includes becoming an orphan by age 16. He is currently facing serious legal problems in connection with a supposed domestic violence incident prompted by allegations his spouse made.

Florida marijuana law complex: Confusion may spur legal trouble

If you do any amount of traveling throughout Florida or the rest of the United States, you likely already understand that as you go from state to state, you may encounter various types of laws pertaining to similar topics. For instance, laws regarding theft may vary by state. The laws regarding marijuana have a lot of people confused nowadays.

Florida man facing drug charges following woman's death

A situation recently occurred in Florida that prompted police to launch an undercover drug investigation. Now, they say they have arrested a man whom they believe is connected with another person's death. Because of all this, the man is facing some very serious drug charges.

Woman left with no ride after driver gets arrested for marijuana

A woman and her two children were traveling as backseat passengers in a Florida man's car on a recent Friday night when she wound up without a ride following the man's arrest. The situation unfolded when a police officer, who happened to be driving along the same road, claims to have noticed the man driving in a rather erratic manner. The officer said the man was tailgating other motorists and kept accelerating above the posted speed limit. The incident included allegations of marijuana and other drug crimes as well.

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