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October 2017 Archives

Beware drunk driving dangers when you trick or treat

Many Florida adults enjoy celebrating various community festivities during the Halloween season. From costume parties to adult version trick-or-treat events, hundreds of people join friends and family to show off their creative costume ideas and have fun. This year, police officers throughout the state say they are going to be on the streets as well, not to trick or treat, but to keep their eyes peeled for possible drunk driving situations.

Charged with drunk driving in Florida?

No one wants to see flashing red and blue lights in their rear view mirror as they drive home following a night on the town with friends. A flood of thoughts may bombard your mind the moment you realize a Florida police officer is pulling you over. If you imbibed by having a drink or two with your dinner, you may be a bit more nervous than usual, and with good reason, as it doesn't take much to prompt drunk driving charges.

Florida police respond to a fight, drug charges later filed

When one Florida neighbor calls police on another, the ultimate outcome of the situation can never be predicted. A recent incident prompted police to respond to a certain residence because of an alleged disturbance taking place there. Officers say when they arrived, two men were entangled in a physical brawl. Events unfolded from there, however, and six people landed in jail on drug charges.

How to fight against false domestic violence charges

Florida, like most other states, is home to many disturbing family situations where one or more people suffer at the hands of their loved ones. Domestic violence is a serious issue, and anyone living in fear of such violence should seek immediate assistance from appropriate support networks. There is another side to the issue, however, involving those who are falsely accused.

Criminal defense will likely be central focus of developing story

A recent weekend in Florida included a major police operation that authorities say led to a take down of an active drug and prostitution ring. Police arrested 15 people -- 14 women and one man -- in the raid. Ages of those arrested range from 20 to 40. As in all such situations, each person charged with illegal drug or prostitution activity will be afforded an opportunity to seek criminal defense guidance before heading to court.

Criminal defense may be needed re Florida police investigation

Florida police are not offering a lot of information about an ongoing investigation at this time. They recently raided medical offices in Jacksonville and surrounding regions. Authorities have stated that there are doctors suspected of fraud and drug crimes. If the situations leads to arrests and charges, strong criminal defense will likely be needed to avoid convictions.

Failure to recite Miranda rights may affect criminal defense

If Florida police suspect someone of a crime, they may use any number of tactics or strategies to investigate the issue. This often involves directly approaching a particular person and asking all sorts of questions. If done properly and the person answers those questions and is later charged with a crime, anything he or she said to police during the conversation may be used for incrimination purposes in court; this may greatly impact criminal defense options.

On duty police officer says man tried to sell him marijuana

Florida residents, like most others throughout the nation, often use test messaging to communicate. Mistakes are sometimes made and messages wind up with the wrong people. That is what police say happened to one of their on-duty officers, who claims to have gotten a text message from a man trying to sell him marijuana.

Overcoming charges of felonies: Is it possible?

The title to this post poses a question that does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. Many people in Florida have, indeed, successfully avoided convictions for felonies by fighting the charges against them. Most of those who achieve favorable outcomes credit their success to knowing their rights ahead of time and securing experienced and aggressive defense assistance before heading to court.

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