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August 2017 Archives

Is a guilty plea a criminal defense strategy in some cases?

If a Florida resident is charged with a crime, it's understandable that he or she would want to fight against the formal accusations in court. In some situations, however, a criminal defense attorney might advise a particular client to plead guilty to some part or all of the charges on file. While it might not seem logical to someone with no legal background, in some circumstances a guilty plea may be the most viable option.

Police say Florida residents facing drug charges are in Nazi gang

Police recently raided a mobile in home in Florida. They say the people living there are part of a supposed gang that includes the word Nazi in its title. The group is now facing drug charges due to the items police claim to have found in the home.

Vehicle passenger taken to jail on cocaine charges

When someone is traveling as a passenger in a vehicle, and a Florida police officer pulls the driver over in a traffic stop, it isn't likely the passenger expects to be handcuffed and taken to jail. However, there's all sorts of situations that may lead to such circumstances, such as if the officer claims to have witnessed the passenger committing a crime. One man was recently arrested in a similar situation involving allegations of cocaine possession. 

Criminal defense often next step after police show up at the door

It's not every day people dressed in Homeland Security shirts show up at a home in Florida. That's exactly what happened recently, however, when police and federal agents moved in on a private residence to conduct a search. Such situations often necessitate criminal defense assistance for those involved, which is likely what the woman who was taken into custody is pursuing.

4 mistakes college students make with alcohol and the law

As a freshman prepping for your first semester at college, you need to inform yourself about the consequences of improper alcohol use to avoid getting into serious trouble. For many, college life comes with lots of partying and opportunities to make dumb mistakes, and when it comes to drinking and driving, these may have lasting consequences.

What's next after being accused of drug charges?

It's safe to say that there is likely no Florida resident who wants to face trouble with the law. However, many people wind up doing so, even when they are innocent of any crime. Others are face drug charges or charges for other crimes after making poor choices or getting involved in situations they later regret.

Man facing drug charges fights extradition

Things that have nothing to do with Florida weather temperatures are heating up in a current criminal investigation. A man was recently arrested in Florida who is already in serious trouble with the law in another state. He is reportedly fighting extradition in the fast-developing drug charges situation.

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