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July 2017 Archives

Florida man facing serious cocaine charges, among others

Florida police decided to conduct a raid as part of their efforts to cut down illegal drug activity in the area, which apparently resulted in a bad situation for one man in particular. He's now facing serious cocaine charges, as well as charges for other drug-related crimes. A sheriff involved in the raid said he's instructed his department to file homicide charges against anyone who sells drugs laced with fentanyl that leads to fatal overdose.

Father of young child facing drug charges in Florida

Being accused of a crime in Florida is enough to cause some very negative circumstances in one's life. Facing drug charges, in particular, can place one's reputation and very freedom at risk. If the situation involves children, the person charged can expect to face a serious uphill battle when attempting to avoid conviction and stay out of jail.

Police file drug charges against 3 people in Florida

Multiple arrests were made recently at a particular Florida condominium complex after a recent drug raid. The trio now faces serious drug charges following the after-hours incident. The situation underscores the fact that not all police investigations take place during daylight hours, and those being investigated are not always aware that police intend to pay a visit.

Delray drug rehab owner facing criminal defense situation

Florida is a beautiful state with many amenities to offer residents and visitors alike. However, it's also plagued, like many other states in the nation, by the consequences of a thriving illegal drug market. In fact, a high-profile criminal defense situation developed recently after a lengthy investigation that resulted in the arrest of 30-year-old man who owns a drug rehab center in Delray.

Can tattoos help people avoid heroin convictions in Florida?

Getting "tatted up," as it's called informally, is all the rage in Florida and throughout the United States. Even people over age 50 are spending thousands of dollars to turn their bodies into virtual walking art galleries. Having a prominent tattoo (similar to a birthmark) helps fine-tune a person's identification. It begs the question then, whether such marks can help get someone out of trouble, say when facing heroin charges or other drug-related allegations.

Not the first time this man has faced drug charges in Florida

When a person is convicted of a crime in Florida and is sent to jail as part of his or her sentence, the abrupt change in lifestyle often comes as a shock. There are many regulations behind bars that the average person doesn't encounter in everyday life outside a jail cell, such as rules about what type of hairstyle is acceptable. One man currently facing drug charges in this state may have to change his appearance if things don't go his way in court. 

Strategies for fighting against drunk driving charges in court

Getting pulled over in traffic by Florida police is typically a stressful experience. Many times, the purpose for the stop is not immediately apparent, which can cause further anxiety. There are also times when a police officer states one reason for a traffic stop but winds up adding other citations (or even criminal charges, such as drunk driving).

Florida residents clap when police make arrest for drug charges

Sometimes, people in Florida get in trouble with the law and are able to mitigate their circumstances, avoid convictions, and get their lives back on track without having to endure long-term consequences. For many, their situations are one-time-only events. Others, however, seem to find themselves facing similar challenges time and again, such as one man who was recently taken into police custody on drug charges.

Tinted windows lead to drug charges in Florida traffic stop

A vehicle was recently at the toll plaza of Alligator Alley in Florida when police officers in the vicinity say they noticed the car's windows were very dark. Apparently, the situation concerned the officers enough that they decided to make a traffic stop near mile marker 94 on the toll road. The events that unfolded thereafter resulted in drug charges being filed against one man, while another man escaped on foot and remains at large.

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