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June 2017 Archives

False positive cocaine analysis lands man in jail for 90 days

Sometimes, a mere traffic stop turns into a much more serious situation when Florida police officers suspect illegal activity on the driver's part. For instance, a man was stopped for driving without his headlights on and wound up getting arrested on the spot. Authorities say the man happened to be on probation at the time and was out past his curfew. Accusations involving cocaine and other drugs followed as well.

Florida’s drug offenders need treatment, not incarceration

Regardless of whether you have ever spent any time behind bars in Florida, you probably know that the state’s jails and prisons are full of prisoners serving time for drug-related offenses, many they committed to help feed their addictions. Some Florida drug offenders like you are receiving offers to take part in drug court programs as opposed to serving jail time, and these programs can help you beat your drug addiction while offering additional benefits for your community.

Drug charges not the only problems these 5 people are facing

Three men and two women ranging in ages from 38 to 63 were arrested after Florida police officers paid them a visit in The Villages in Sumter County. Supposedly, it was their neighbors who first contacted authorities, claiming they were up to illegal activities. The sheriff's office and a SWAT team initiated a search at the residence, then filed drug charges.

Marijuana still not legalized for recreational use in Florida

A casual survey of Florida residents as to whether smoking cannabis should be decriminalized would likely produce mixed results. Some people avidly support such changes to the law, while others prefer existing laws to remain on the books. As it is, Florida has not moved to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

What does a 2,000 ft. tunnel and drug charges have in common?

Several people in Florida are currently in serious trouble with the law. The situation has to do with a palatial residence authorities claim was actually a front for a major drug manufacturing business. The drug supposedly being manufactured was marijuana, which police say was grown in a sophisticated, elaborate underground tunnel. Drug charges pertaining to marijuana, as well as cocaine, have been filed.

Another criminal defense situation for Nick Gordon in Florida

Several years ago, Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was found unconscious in a bathroom. Sadly, she died approximately six months later. Nick Gordon, her boyfriend at the time, was later ordered to pay tens of millions for her wrongful death even though authorities never determined if she took her own life, was murdered or suffered from an accident. (An autopsy had revealed many drugs in her body.) Gordon, who lives in Florida, has recently found himself in another criminal defense situation involving the young lady he is now dating.

Florida man who videoed himself on FB facing drug charges

Who knows why people choose to post questionable videos of themselves on Facebook or other live action networks. Some may do it because it gives them a thrill. Others want to make public statements of some sort. Some, however, wind up regretting their decisions when something they show in a video may later be used to incriminate them. One man in Florida was waving wads of money around on film one moment and then facing serious drug charges the next.

Is your head spinning from drunk driving charges?

Suppose you visited your favorite Florida restaurant with a group of friends and were pulled over by police on your way home. Do you know whether they're allowed to search your vehicle, and whether you have the right to refuse to take a Breathalyzer test? What about options that might be available to fight against drunk driving charges? Knowing where to turn for support and to seek clarification of the laws that govern such matters may help you avoid serious problems if you're arrested on suspicion of intoxicated driving.

Cowboys of a different kind: Cocaine issues in Florida

Authorities say drug-related problems in Florida have been on the rise. Supposedly, cocaine, in particular, has made a comeback as a drug of choice in this region. Officials say most cocaine shipments arrive in the Sunshine State from Colombia. The process of moving the drug across borders and states is apparently so popular, those who conduct such operations are dubbed, "cocaine cowboys."

Drug charges filed after police force their way into Florida home

Florida citizens and others throughout the nation are protected under the Fourth Amendment against any unlawful searches and seizures of their homes, property or person. This may wind up being a central focus regarding the defense of several people who are currently facing serious drug charges in this state. The events unfolded on a recent Saturday when police officers arrived at a private residence, supposedly to serve a search warrant.

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