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May 2017 Archives

Clearing up confusion on Florida's marijuana laws

As many states begin to make changes to marijuana laws, it can be difficult to keep track. Different states have decided to decriminalize or legalize marijuana use according to varying circumstances and conditions. If you live in the Sunshine State, you have probably heard about the legalization of medical marijuana that has gone into effect this year. It is important to be aware that there are strict guidelines and limitations to using marijuana for medicinal purposes. Here is an overview of marijuana laws in Florida.

College students, illegal substances and summertime

When do you think the average college student tries drugs for the first time? Turns out it could be summertime, according to research by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. In June, the number of college students trying marijuana for the first time reaches a high, according to the study; the same goes for underage drinking.

Off-duty deputy on the wrong side of domestic violence issue

Just because someone wears a law enforcement badge during the normal course of his or her workplace duties, doesn't mean that person's private life never involves legal trouble of any kind. In fact, some Florida police officers have themselves been charged with crimes in the past. One off-duty deputy is currently facing such challenges involving domestic violence charges.

U.S. Coastguard offloads alleged cocaine shipment in Florida

In most Florida circles, $500 million is considered a substantial amount of money. If one were to assign this value to a load of cocaine drugs, it would be logical to assume a lot of drugs were involved. This estimated amount is the value of U.S. Coastguard cutters' reported shipments of cocaine, amassed in several alleged drug busts at sea.

Florida man accused of heroin crimes also charged for son's death

Most everyone with toddlers in their homes knows how challenging it can be to keep track of them. By age 2, many children have acquired significant mobile abilities that keep parents and other caregivers on their toes all day. Sometimes, tragedy can occur in an instant, and it's always especially sad when it involves a child. A Florida man is currently living this reality since the recent death of his son, which police say was caused by his negligence while he was high on heroin.

It is possible to avoid a drunk driving conviction in Florida

Nothing can ruin a night on the town like getting stopped by police on your way home. If an officer merely issues a warning regarding the speed limit, or informs you that one of your brake lights is not functioning, then tells you you're free to go, it might not be so bad, and the rest of the evening may pass without stress. However, if the officer tells you to step out of your car and submit to a Breathalyzer test, there's obviously a more pressing matter at hand. Being accused of drunk driving in Florida may mean the next weeks (or months) of your life will be some of the most challenging you've ever faced.

3 people facing cocaine charges after police raid Florida home

Florida authorities say that three people they recently arrested share something else in common besides their last name, and that is drug trafficking. Of course, as in all criminal proceedings, charges are mere accusations, which must actually be proved in court before any conviction is possible. The three people in this particular situation will each have the opportunity to fight against the serious drug charges involving cocaine that were filed after the incident.

Florida officer claims sex crimes connected to McNuggets meal

Many people in Florida and elsewhere have been accused in the past of agreeing to sexual favors in exchange for money, drugs or other forms of compensation. One woman, age 22, is facing trouble with the law after a police officer accused her of sex crimes. It's not the first time the woman has faced criminal charges in court.

Exploring criminal defense options in Florida

One never knows when the need for legal assistance will arise. Some Florida residents have questions regarding the search and seizure process, while others are dealing with tax-related issues due to errors on their most recent tax forms. It can be quite stressful when authorities accuse you of a criminal offense. However, rather than panic, it's good to remember that criminal defense help is always available.

Police say man threw bags of heroin across parking lot

There are typically certain things a person should not do, if approached by police in the parking lot of a Florida motel. One of them is to run away while tossing baggies containing unidentified substances into the air. This is what apparently raised investigators' suspicions at a motel in another state. In fact, the incident led to federal charges involving heroin.

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