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Factors that impact the accuracy of a breath test

If you find yourself pulled over on suspicion of drinking and driving in Florida, it can have a considerable impact on your life. Drinking and driving carries harsh, long-term penalties, and the law enforcement official who stops you will likely try to determine your level of impairment using a device called a Breathalyzer.

The Breathalyzer, if used correctly and tested regularly, is often accurate, but there is a number of conditions and situations that may lead it to produce a false reading.Here are factors that have been known to affect the overall accuracy of a Breathalyzer test.


As a diabetic, you may be more likely to blow over the legal limit than the rest of the population. This is because diabetes can have a considerable effect on the amount of glucose in your body, which can lead to a higher blood-alcohol content.

Certain medications

Your use of particular medications may also enhance your chance of having a BAC that registers above the legal limit. Some medications designed to treat allergies and colds tend to heighten the effects of alcohol in many users.

Bodily fluids, including blood and vomit

If you have blood or vomit in your mouth when you take your breath test, this may lead to an inaccurate Breathalyzer reading. Most authorities know to wait about 20 minutes if they see you vomit before they administer your test.

Electronic interference

You may also register a higher BAC if certain environmental factors are present, such as electronic interference. In some instances, radio waves and cellphone towers have been blamed for inaccurate Breathalyzer readings.

These are just a few of the factors that may lead you to produce an incorrect Breathalyzer reading. If you are facing a drunk driving charge and you doubt or dispute the accuracy of the results of your breath test, consider contacting an attorney.

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