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March 2017 Archives

Mysterious tablets sent to lab in connection with drug charges

Two young adults from Panama City Beach will likely have their work cut out for them as they fight against recent charges filed on suspicion of illegal drug activity. It all began when police showed up at their home, apparently with a warrant to search the premises. Florida authorities say they seized several types of illegal drugs during the search, as well as some items of mysterious nature as well. Arrests were made and drug charges filed following the incident.

Medicinal marijuana okay in some situations in Florida

There are certain circumstances under which an otherwise illegal drug in Florida is okay to obtain and consume for medical reasons. In 2016, a legislative initiative was passed that allows eligible recipients to use marijuana within very specific parameters. This permission is granted provided the patient has been certified by a doctor licensed by the state as a marijuana doctor.  

Common reasons for obtaining criminal defense assistance

As you're going about the business of your daily life in Florida, you may face various types of unexpected events. For instance, what if you learn you've been named as a subject in a federal investigation? Such situations can really turn a life upside down and have very negative consequences, unless you know where to turn for criminal defense help to try to mitigate your circumstances.

Man in Florida facing serious drug charges

A recent Tuesday was most likely not a particularly good day for one man in Florida. This is because an incident occurred that landed him behind bars, facing very serious drug charges. In fact, local authorities have since accused him of being at the heart of the largest heroin bust in the agency's history.

Man arrest for violation of domestic violence order and abduction

A Florida man who had filed a protective order against his estranged wife was recently involved in an incident that resulted in his arrest. There are several serious allegations against him, and he has apparently faced multiple accusations of domestic violence previously. He also reportedly pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges within the past year.

Investigation leads to charges for felonies

From visiting beautiful beaches to participating in a vibrant, local nightlife, vacationers often become temporary fixtures of everyday Floridian landscapes. Alongside this jovial atmosphere, however, there's a darker side at hand -- one that involves an apparently serious drug epidemic. In fact, nine people were recently arrested and charged with various felonies that are drug-related.

Apartment dwellers in Florida say heroin has been a problem

When someone mentions Hollywood, most people think of stardom, celebrities, movies and such. However, some Florida residents may associate the location with a recent drug bust in this state that resulted in three arrests. Residents of a Broward County apartment complex in Hollywood say heroin deals have been going on there for quite some time.

Drunk driving numbers go up during spring break

College students from all across the nation flock to Florida to enjoy some fun in the sun during the standard academic hiatus known as spring break. Many go to parties on the beach or take in local night life at various clubs and restaurants. It's not uncommon for alcohol to be included on such occasions. Where there are copious amounts of alcohol, drunk driving charges often follow.

$1 million dollars worth of marijuana is a lot

When a Florida police officer pulls someone over in traffic, it is typically best if that person does his or her best to cooperate and fully comply with the officer's request to stop. Otherwise, additional problems may quickly arise. A 51-year-old man recently experienced this, and is now facing numerous criminal charges, including some that involve marijuana, when authorities say he was initially pulled over for illegally tinted window.

Drum roll for criminal defense re identity theft charges

Many music fans in Florida and throughout the world enjoy the talents of drummer, Daniel Adair, who plays for Nickelback, a top-rated pop-rock group. Adair has recently been in the news for something other than his drumming abilities, however. A Florida man is accused of stealing Adair's identity. The man reportedly requested criminal defense representation when authorities began asking him questions.

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