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February 2017 Archives

Unlawful firearms possession and drug charges filed in Florida

A Charlotte County jail in Florida recently increased its inmate population by two. This came after a drug raid that resulted in the arrests of one man and one woman. Both are now facing drug charges and other accusations regarding the unlawful possession of firearms.

Florida police charge woman on marijuana and child neglect issues

When a person pulls up to a gas station pump in Florida, he or she may be unaware that a station attendant may be watching from inside the store. If that worker assumes the customer is doing something unlawful, it is quite possible a call will be made to police. This is what happened at a Venice WaWa station recently, where a woman wound up facing criminal charges related to marijuana and child neglect. 

Did your social occasion lead to drunk driving charges?

It's not uncommon for Florida residents to gather with friends and/or family members at any of numerous choice locations throughout the state for occasional social fun. Such gatherings often feature various types of culinary fare and might also include wine or other alcoholic beverages. Of course, every person of legal drinking age is obligated to adhere to all laws and regulations regarding operating motor vehicles after consuming alcohol. If someone gets pulled over and winds up facing drunk driving charges, avoiding conviction may prove quite challenging. 

What does President Trump have to do with a heroin bust?

Since the recent presidential campaign and election took place, there have been images of now President Donald Trump everywhere, from online to plastered across billboards, coffee mugs and T-shirts. A recent incident occurred in Florida, however, involving an alleged heroin bust that included his image and name in the most unlikely of places. A six-month drug investigation culminated in the peculiar revelation.

Police say fatal Craigslist deal led to felonies

Many Florida residents and others throughout the nation buy and sell things through Craigslist, the notorious classified advertising website. Hopefully, those who do pay close attention to recommendations for personal safety when engaging in commercial transactions with strangers. One such deal recently ended in tragedy, with two young men now charged with felonies.

Children in social service custody, adults facing drug charges

Police went to a house in Florida recently and wound up making four arrests. Those taken into custody were apparently all members of the same family. They range in age from 28 to 64. Not only are the four adults facing drug charges, but they've also been charged with crimes against children.

Police may file drug charges after incident in store parking lot

Florida parents often take their toddlers with them when they go shopping. Sometimes, incidents occur during their travels that place the kids in harm's way. Authorities say one man recently endangered his child when he left him in the car with another person while he (the father) took off running from police. Child neglect and drug charges were filed. Authorities say the man was selling heroin.

Fighting domestic violence charges in criminal court

Florida families are not unlike others across the nation in that sometimes they face relationship problems. How such issues are resolved varies by family. Some choose to seek counseling, while others work through them on their own. There are also situations that seem to get out of hand, sometimes resulting in criminal charges of domestic violence.

Is it better to incarcerate or treat a drug offender?

Drug crimes can easily land you in jail, but many experts wonder if incarceration is really the answer to treating a problem that seems to return once the jail doors are open. The United States pays over $80 billion a year to keep prisoners locked up, which is close to $260 a year for everyone in America. But court-ordered drug addiction treatment may prove to be a valuable alternative to a simple prison or jail sentence.

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