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December 2016 Archives

Sober home reps charged with felonies

Criminal allegations at the federal level were recently filed against six persons who work for several sober homes in Florida. Such establishments are meant to help recovering addicts get their lives back on track. The six people involved in the recent situation have been charged with felonies, including the attempt to defraud the national health care system.

Mixing alcohol with prescription medication

Many people in Tampa take medications to manage their health. These have warnings on them that inform patients about their use, side effects and mixed interactions. However, many people fail to heed those warnings and consume alcohol at the same time, or within a few hours of taking prescription drugs. Anyone who is taking medication needs to understand how mixing alcohol with prescription or over-the-counter drugs may affect them.

Protecting personal rights when authorities claim to find heroin

It has happened to many people in Florida and other states as well. One minute, a person is relaxing with family or friends at home, the next, authorities are banging on the front door, saying they want to come and have a look around. In the blink of an eye, a nice evening at home leads to police accusing a homeowner of a heroin crime.

Heroin charges may have far-reaching affect on one's life

Being accused of drug-related crimes in Florida is obviously no laughing matter. When the drug involved is heroin, one's personal freedom and other liberties may be greatly at risk. Although it may be difficult to remain calm under such circumstances, it is good remember that merely being charged with a crime does not necessarily mean one is going to jail.

Florida man charged with selling drug that masquerades as heroin

Illegal drugs are often sold on streets in Florida. Some people charged with manufacturing, possession or distribution of hard drugs wind up avoiding conviction when prosecutors fail to prove they are guilty. A particular incident occurred recently that involves a man who is accused of selling a drug that is known to be far more potent than heroin.

Boy Scout leader in Florida to face charges for sex crimes

One never knows when life will take a drastic turn. For some, changes might be welcomed and lead to a happier, more successful future. For others, the future may appear more bleak, especially if facing criminal charges for sex crimes is on the calendar. A man in Florida will do just that in the near future.

Florida man says he has never sold heroin in his life

If police enter a residence and search it, find nothing suspicious and make no arrests, a homeowner may be understandably frustrated. A man in Florida is apparently feeling that way and recently told reporters he believes he and others like him deserve more respect from authorities. His relationship with a Florida police department is strained at the moment due to actions committed recently by officers who claim to have entered the man's home in search of heroin.

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