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September 2016 Archives

Florida man charged with felonies after alleged disturbance

There are instances in which many individuals may find themselves facing complicated circumstances. Being accused of felonies is one such situation in which individuals may feel worried about how to move forward. However, those who are fearful of this type of predicament may wish to find assistance in how to handle it. There are various options for such help. 

Sex crimes: Man accused of sexual battery, kidnapping in Florida

In order to contend with criminal allegations, individuals often want to find out as much information about their cases as possible. This knowledge could help individuals accused of sex crimes or other alleged violations prepare for their court appearances. One man in Florida may be hoping to prepare to the best of his ability after recently being taken into custody.

Legal assistance may help Florida man accused of sex crimes

After being charged with criminal allegations, accused individuals may feel overwhelmed by the upcoming proceedings. These feelings are not uncommon as legal processes may seem intimidating and potentially confusing. In order to feel more in control of their situations, individuals may wish to consider seeking legal assistance. Additionally, individuals accused of sex crimes or other allegations may wish to find out specific information pertaining to their cases.

Drug charges filed against Florida man allege trafficking

A Florida man was recently taken into custody by police after allegedly being involved in drug-related activity. Reports stated that a drug enforcement team took possession of a package that was en route to a local business. The package allegedly contained Ecstasy pills, and this package reportedly led to the arrest and drug charges filed against the man. 

Florida man's criminal defense may help with criminal charges

Defending against criminal allegations is a right that all Florida residents possess. One man may soon be working his own criminal defense after being taken into custody. Reports stated that the arrest came after the man called police due to his cousin suffering a gunshot wound. Apparently, both men were involved in the incident.

Criminal defense info may help Florida men facing charges

When individuals are charged with criminal allegations, they may not know where they should go from there. Some individuals may consider moving forward on their own while others may find it more prudent to consult with an attorney. Because the legal system can be intimidating, an experienced and knowledgeable professional could ease the journey for interested individuals working on their criminal defense strategies.

Florida man and woman facing heroin, neglect charges

The legal process pertaining to criminal charges can be intimidating for anyone. Those who have been accused of illegal activity often want to approach their cases with their best foot forward, but it may not always be easy to determine how to do so. Luckily, individuals facing charges for heroin, other drugs and/or additional allegations do have options when it comes to preparing their defenses.

NFL great Lawrence Taylor facing drunk driving charges in Florida

Facing criminal allegations is a predicament that accused parties often want to handle to the best of their abilities. Therefore, individuals who have been accused of drunk driving or other charges may want to put their best foot forward by making appropriate preparations for their court appearances. There are various ways in which to do so, and individuals may want to take time to find the route with which they are most comfortable. 

Think petty theft is no big deal? Think again

Because of its name, people make think petty theft, or "petit theft" as Florida law calls it, is something small. If you are charged with petit theft, however, the ramifications may be larger than you thought. Not only are the penalties and sentences hefty in some cases, but Florida law can enhance a petty theft charge into a felony under certain criteria. Before you know it, you could be fighting a felony charge.

Florida man and woman facing drug charges after traffic stop

The legal proceedings for handling criminal charges can be a complicated process to work through. Individuals facing drug charges or other allegations may not have considerable knowledge on how to approach their legal affairs. However, they do have choices when it comes to seeking assistance and working on their criminal defenses.

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