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August 2016 Archives

Details of event may play into Florida man's criminal defense

A 19-year-old Florida man may soon be facing serious charges after a reported incident. Reports stated that the young man was allegedly involved in a breaking-and-entering situation at a residence while two people were at the home. As a result of the allegations that may be leveled against him, the man must focus on his criminal defense options.

Sex crimes allegations leveled against Florida man

A Florida man is currently facing criminal charges after reportedly sexually assaulting three women. Reports indicated that the allegations pertaining to the alleged sex crimes occurred after three women reported the man for assault on three different occasions. Details from the report stated that the man worked for a car service company, but he was not on duty at the time of the purported incidents.

Drunk driving, manslaughter charges levied against Florida man

A recent incident in Florida has led to one man facing criminal charges. Reports stated that the man was allegedly driving under the influence when he struck a second vehicle that was carrying two occupants. As a result of the reported accident, the man is currently facing manslaughter charges relating to drunk driving

Florida man charged in purported domestic violence incident

Many couples have arguments. Such occurrences are normal, and individuals tend to move past such events quickly. However, there are instances in which a disagreement or other issue could cause a conflict to escalate, and an individual could be charged in relation to domestic violence. In the event of such allegations, the accused party may wish to determine the best defense routes.

Did you know you can lose your license for traffic tickets?

A traffic ticket isn't a big deal, right? You get pulled over for speeding or running a red light, pay the fine and move on with your life.

Drug charges brought against 3 individuals in Florida

Three individuals in Florida may be contemplating how to handle their legal predicaments after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that two men and one woman are facing drug charges after police were tipped off that the individuals may have been involved in drug-related activity at a hotel. As a result, all three parties were stopped by police.

Felonies: Florida man charged with animal cruelty

When working to address serious criminal charges, individuals may have a lot of information coming to them at one time. They may feel bombarded, and the ability to make clear decisions may escape them. Luckily, individuals facing charges for felonies or other allegations have options for seeking assistance when it comes to dealing with criminal legal matters.

Florida woman may need criminal defense info after arrest

When placed in a stressful situation, individuals may not always make the best decisions. As a result, some could even find themselves facing criminal charges due to mistakes they may have made. In such cases, creating and presenting a meaningful criminal defense could help parties work toward the outcome they hope to achieve. 

Sex crimes: Man charged for alleged battery in Florida

One man may be hoping to approach a legal predicament in an effective and meaningful way after recently being charged in Florida. The man has been accused of sex crimes after an alleged incident. The 34-year-old was purportedly intoxicated at the time of the alleged event that also involved a woman whose age was not given.

Florida man charged for alleged drunk driving

When dealing with criminal charges, the avenues that individuals could follow when creating their criminal defenses may require a fair amount of consideration. Because this defense could play a critical role in whether an individual is convicted of drunk driving or other allegations, the accused parties undoubtedly want their defense presentations to be as meaningful as possible. In order to create such a defense, they may need additional information.

Criminal defense tactics may help Florida man accused of murder

At some point in their lives, many individuals may have felt the need to defend themselves in one way or another. In some instances, the defense may be informal and insignificant in the grand scheme, and in other cases, individuals may need a criminal defense in order to combat charges. In the latter instances, parties may wish to determine their most feasible defense options. 

Drunk driving charges filed against Florida man after crash

Breath tests are often utilized by police officers in an attempt to determine whether an individual may have been driving under the influence. In many cases, the results of these tests could lead to arrests, and individuals facing drunk driving charges may wonder how they could combat the allegations. As a result, these parties may wish to find out which criminal defense tactics could be right for them.

Florida man facing charges for allegedly trafficking heroin

Taking the time to craft a meaningful defense presentation may be considered one of the most important steps for an accused individual during his or her case. An effective criminal defense could combat serious charges relating to heroin or other drug allegations, and many individuals may wish to seek assistance when working on their own particular defenses. Luckily for those individuals, there are legal resources of which they could take advantage.

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