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May 2016 Archives

Florida man taken into custody for alleged sex crimes

When faced with a complex issue, many individuals will likely want to work toward understanding the predicament as much as possible. This action may prove true for parties who are facing serious charges relating to sex crimes. Because legal proceedings to address such allegations can be time consuming and complicated, accused individuals may wish to determine what actions they could potentially take to achieve their desired outcomes.

Florida men facing charges for cocaine distribution

It was recently reported that multiple individuals in Florida are facing serious drug charges. Four men are suspected of having been involved with cocaine distribution and other alleged criminal activity. Initially, only three men were taken into custody. More recently, a 24-year-old man was also indicted on related charges. The other three men were reported as being in their 60s.

Florida men charged with marijuana possession

The circumstances and details surrounding an arrest could play a critical role in how an individual handles his or her case. If that person has been taken into custody on charges for marijuana possession, he or she may want to determine whether the proper actions were followed by the authorities involved. Additionally, exploring options for creating and presenting a criminal defense could prove beneficial.

Woman charged with drunk driving in Florida

There may be instances in a person's life where his or her decisions may lead to some unfortunate consequences. In some cases, a person's perceived actions could lead to the filing of criminal charges. If an individual is accused of drunk driving, there could be serious repercussions if a conviction takes place. Therefore, it is likely that an accused party will want to explore criminal defense options.

Do Companies Still Conduct Marijuana Testing?

Now that marijuana has been legalized in several states, and even more are becoming more lenient in their weed laws, questions are being raised about how society and the business world will react. Will companies still test for marijuana use, knowing that job candidates could have recently traveled to a state with legalized weed?

Man charged with domestic violence after alleged Florida incident

When faced with a difficult situation, many individuals would likely want to handle the predicament in the best way possible. However, if the issue is complicated or the individuals do not have considerable knowledge on what steps to take, finding the best option may be stressful. Luckily, individuals facing legal action due to charges of domestic violence may be able to seek assistance.

Criminal defense on tap for Florida man facing charges

When an individual is faced with criminal charges that could cause significant negative impacts on his or her life, that person may want to determine what routes could be followed to handle the charges in the proper manner. In many cases, parties may find that creating and presenting a focused criminal defense in order to combat charges could be an option they wish to explore further. One man in Florida was recently arrested on federal criminal charges.

Your child has been arrested. Now what?

If your child has been arrested, take a moment to realize that you are not the first parent to ever be in this position. Your child has not completely ruined his or her future. By taking proactive and decisive steps immediately, you can get ahead of the situation and minimize the impact it will have on your child's life.

Criminal defense may be option for Florida man facing charges

Serious charges were recently leveled against a man in Florida after information regarding an alleged shooting came to light. The charges he faces include attempted murder and another allegation. Due to the severity of the charges, the man may wish to explore the possibility of creating and presenting a criminal defense.

Sex crimes: Man charged with sexual assault in Florida

It was recently reported that a 25-year-old Florida man was recently taken into custody due to involvement in an alleged sexual assault. The man is currently facing charges relating to sex crimes after he purportedly had sexual intercourse with an underage girl without her consent. The two reportedly met through social media and later met in person offline. 

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