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Public Defender or Criminal Defense Attorney?

Many individuals in the criminal justice system cannot afford a private criminal defense attorney or do not see the value in it, and take advantage of their right to a public defender. Some even try to defend themselves on charges they think are minor.

Studies continue to tell the tale of two attorneys: public defenders and private criminal defense attorneys. The most telling part of this story is the usual outcome. Accused individuals are far more likely to win their case or face a lesser sentence when hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer rather than opting for the public defender.

In many states, public defenders face overwhelming case loads, as they are often required to take a certain threshold of cases. The budget they have to work with is under-funded. In some areas with high crime rates, public defenders have less than an hour to spend on each case they represent.

While a criminal defense attorney can help a client deal with additional concerns like drivers license suspension and other administrative issues, public defenders can only handle criminal matters, leaving the client high and dry on other important legal issues.

Contrast this with the service of a criminal defense attorney who can limit the amount of cases he or she can take. A private lawyer can dedicate more time to each case, putting together a detailed explanation of the accused's side of the story to a prosecutor or the court. An attorney can conduct investigation and uncover evidence to support the accused's claims. He or she can show up in the prosecutor's office, ready to advocate and dedicate time to these negotiations til an advantageous answer or agreement is offered.

He or she has time to prepare for court, thoughtfully creating a compelling case for a judge or jury, making sure that a client's story is heard.

At Rogo Law, we are committed to fighting for the rights and needs of our clients. We dedicate the time and attention each case needs for the most successful outcome possible.

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