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March 2016 Archives

Former Florida officer facing marijuana charges

Many individuals have likely heard throughout their lives that their actions have consequences. Whether those outcomes are good or bad may depend on the situation, but in some cases, parties may be able to work toward an outcome they hope to achieve by putting forth certain efforts. If individuals are facing criminal charges due to marijuana possession, they may be able to create and present a meaningful defense in hopes of combating those charges. 

Alleged drunk driving leads to manslaughter charge in Florida

It is often noted that driving under the influence can potentially cause serious accidents and injuries. However, many individuals may be less familiar with the legal proceedings that may occur if an individual is accused of drunk driving and any related charges. As a result, individuals in this type of predicament may wish to explore legal options and gather information to help them determine the best possible courses of action.

Florida man and woman facing felonies after domestic dispute

Charges leveled against individuals accused of being involved in criminal activities can have varying degrees of severity. Felonies could potentially come with more severe consequences than misdemeanor charges if convictions take place. Therefore, individuals facing such allegations may wish to work toward determining their best options for potentially combating felony charges by creating and presenting a criminal defense.

Man, woman charged with marijuana possession in Florida

The criminal justice system may seem like an intimidating labyrinth to individuals who do not fully understand how certain legal proceedings work. As a result, many parties who have been accused of alleged crimes may quickly feel overwhelmed by the situations they face. Luckily, these individuals do have options for how they may wish to proceed, and information regarding charges -- such as for marijuana possession -- is available. 

Florida man found in police dept restroom facing heroin charges

Individuals can find themselves in difficult situations at any time, and the circumstances of those situations may be complicated. If illegal activity is suspected, an individual could potentially have criminal charges brought against him or her and would possibly want to gain more legal knowledge. One individual in Florida may be considering what steps to take after being charged with heroin possession. 

Florida woman accused of drunk driving

Many individuals may appreciate the gesture when another person stops and asks if they need assistance. However, if a person is approached by a police officer and then accused of drunk driving, the situation may take a different turn. Rather than wondering whether he or she could return the kindness of assisting someone else, the driver could end up exploring legal options.

Marijuana charge, other allegations leveled against Florida teen

Facing serious charges at a young age could lead to complications throughout a person's life. As a result, an individual facing allegations of marijuana possession and other charges may wish to determine what legal options may be in his or her best interests. Luckily, information regarding those options is readily available for interested parties.

Florida man may wish to learn more about cocaine charge

Some individuals may find themselves in situations and wonder how they got in that predicament. Sometimes, the actions of others could put a person in the line of fire, and that individual may find him or herself facing legal action. If individuals are charged for possession of cocaine or other drug-related violations, they may wish to explore their criminal defense options. 

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