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July 2015 Archives

Search violations can lead to dismissal of charges

When we watch TV and movies about crime investigations, the process of executing a search can look different on screen than it is in real life. What we usually see is a search warrant being handed over to someone and a stream of officers entering a home or building and searching through everything.

Protect yourself against domestic assault accusations, penalties

Being accused of or charged with offenses related to domestic violence can immediately cast a person in a negative light. Once someone is led out of a house in handcuffs and into a police car, their reputation, community standing and individual relationships can be forever changed.

Florida students and parents: Take criminal charges seriously

Young people make some bad decisions and silly mistakes when they are growing up. Teenagers in particular push boundaries, take risks and engage in behaviors they know are wrong because of peer pressure, the desire to rebel or because they simply do not appreciate the fact that actions have consequences.

What can I do if there is a bench warrant in my name?

Florida is a popular vacation destination for people all across the world. However, things don't always go as planned when people are visiting Tampa or surrounding areas. In some cases, people get in trouble with the law and find themselves ordered to appear in court.

Different types of battery charges recognized in Florida

If you have recently been charged with assault or battery, you need to understand the fact that you could be in some serious trouble. Of course there are situations when these charges are filed after a simple misunderstanding or regrettable fight that you got in and these can seem like no big deal; but a criminal charge is a criminal charge and it must be taken seriously.

If it feels like no one is listening, speak up, don't give up

If you are charged with a drug offense in Florida, it can seem like no one is listening to you. The police arresting you, the officers at the jail where you are being held, prosecutors and even your family members might seem to tune out what you are saying and just believe what they believe.

Property owners can face drug charges in Florida

We often hear stories about people getting arrested for using, possessing or selling drugs. In Florida, it's also fairly common to read about people accused of being involved in drug trafficking. However, these aren't the only people who can find themselves in some serious trouble for crimes related to drugs.

Don't let a DUI ruin your holiday or your future

If you are like millions of other people in the U.S., you have plans to travel by car this holiday weekend. Whether you are driving to the beach, a party, a friend's house or somewhere to camp out and barbecue, you are very likely going to run into some high traffic levels on your trip.

The truth about false domestic violence allegations

Any allegation of domestic assault is taken very seriously by law enforcement authorities and the courts. Violence involving roommates, spouses, family members or significant others can be devastating and there may be some issues like addiction or aggression that need to be addressed sooner, rather than later.

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