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May 2015 Archives

What the Sixth Amendment does for criminal suspects

During the standard Miranda warning police are supposed to make when arresting a person, the suspect is informed that he or she has the right to an attorney. Having a defense attorney can make the difference between a fair process, and having the suspect’s civil rights violated.

Faced with drunk driving charges? Remember your rights

Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous driving behaviors that can lead to an accident. We know it's illegal and we know that we shouldn't do it, but no one is perfect. People make bad decisions or mistakes without the intention of hurting anyone, but the fact is that drunk driving can and does contribute to serious car accidents all across Florida.

How you can be charged with a felony without committing a felony

There is a line from an old TV show that says, "Don't do the crime if you can't pay the time." Essentially, it means that committing a crime can come with consequences, and you need to know what these consequences are if you engage in unlawful activity.

Can I refuse to take a breath test in Florida?

Every driver in Tampa should know that driving while intoxicated is not only dangerous, it is also illegal. Ideally, no one would get behind the wheel of a car if they are drunk. Unfortunately, this is unrealistic. No one is perfect; everyone makes mistakes like driving after having too much to drink.

Was the stop that led to my DUI legal?

No one likes to be stopped by police. In fact, it can be a very scary situation to see the red and blue lights flashing in your rear mirror. Once you realize you are being pulled over, your mind can start racing with questions like, "What did I do wrong?" and "Will I have to pay a ticket or go to jail?"

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