Aggressive Defense Against Sex Crimes Charges

I am criminal defense attorney Jason Rogozinski. From my offices in Tampa and Plant City, Florida, I defend people who have been charged with all types of sex crimes.

I understand how frightening and potentially life-changing these charges can be. Some of these crimes carry lengthy prison sentences and most require lifetime registration as a sex offender and other penalties.

If you want to discuss your charges with a no-nonsense, aggressive criminal defense attorney, please schedule a time to meet using our online contact form. Most importantly, do not wait to speak to an attorney.

Types Of Sex Crime Cases

I routinely defend people charged with:

No matter what the circumstances of your case — no matter how limited you think your options may be — you have rights and they deserve protecting. There are often strong defenses available in these cases. I will look at every possible defense in your case, from consent-related issues to disputing the alleged facts. I will leave no stone unturned when building an aggressive defense on your behalf.

Our Approach To Sex Crimes Defense

When you have been charged with a sexual offense, you don't want your attorney to try to make you feel better. You want your attorney to give you the facts, tell it like it is and help you seek the best results possible.

At my firm, we take a no-nonsense approach to sex crimes cases. When your rights and freedom are on the line, there is no time to waste. We can step in and aggressively defend you against the most serious of charges.

And you won't have to wait to get answers to your questions. We are available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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