Get Help With Probation Violations

Violating your probation is a bad thing — you already know that. You may be well aware of the fact that technical violations (such as failing to pay for court costs or failing a drug test) and substantive violations (such as committing a new crime) are different.

You may not know that without proper legal representation, you can be stuck in jail for two or three weeks if you are accused of a violation, even a seemingly minor one. You may be looking for legal advice for yourself or a loved one who is on probation. I can provide it. I may be able to help you fix a problem or avoid a problem related to probation violations.

An Experienced Lawyer Can Make A Big Difference

I am criminal defense attorney Jason Rogozinski. My law firm, Rogo Law, is based in Tampa, Florida. I have extensive experience finding solutions to serious problems related to probation. I can help you find answers to crucial questions like:

  • How do I get a bond on a probation violation?
  • When am I going to see the judge?
  • It's only a technical. Can I really go to prison for that?
  • What if I tested positive for marijuana or cocaine?
  • What is a mitigation of sentence?
  • Can I get a sentence reduction?
  • What if a drug treatment program is a condition of my probation?
  • What if I am in a mental health treatment program?
  • What is a motion for early termination of probation?

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