Facing Percocet Charges?

Percocet (or endocet, in its generic form) is a prescription medication, a powerful painkiller with addictive properties. It contains the opioid oxycodone, along with acetaminophen, the pain reliever found in Tylenol.

If you have been charged with a crime related to Percocet, Vicodin or another narcotic, you may be facing serious consequences such as jail time, probation or the loss of educational or career opportunities. So you will do well to get strong, experienced defense representation to protect your legal rights.

Have You Been Charged With Prescription Fraud, Possession, Distribution Or Trafficking?

I am attorney Jason Rogozinski. At Rogo Law based in Tampa and Plant City, I concentrate a great deal of my time on defending clients who have been accused of drug crimes. I can help you or a family member who was arrested on suspicion of a crime related to:

  • Prescription fraud
  • Theft of pills or prescription pads
  • Possession or possession with intent to deliver
  • Trafficking of prescription drugs
  • College or high school student behavior

As your attorney, I will be honest with you about the charges and the evidence against you. I will help you explore all possible means of having your charges dismissed, reduced or satisfied with treatment options or deferred prosecution.

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