Defending People Facing Oxy Charges

Oxycodone (branded as OxyContin and known as "Oxy" for short) is a prescription pain medication. It is considered a Schedule II controlled substance because people can become addicted to it. The unauthorized possession, sale or distribution of oxycodone is prosecutable as a crime in Florida. You can be convicted of felony drug trafficking and sent to prison for having certain quantities of Oxy.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for possession, prescription fraud, trafficking or another crime related to Oxy, hydrocodone, Percocet or another prescription drug, you face the possibility of serious penalties, including incarceration. You need to get legal advice right away. You need an attorney who will protect your rights.

Accused Of Possessing, Selling Or Trafficking Prescription Drugs? Talk To Me.

I am attorney Jason Rogozinski. At Rogo Law, I concentrate much of my practice on defending clients accused of drug crimes, including prescription drug charges. My firm is based in Tampa, Florida. I can help you deal with whatever drug matter you are concerned about.

Every prescription case is different. In some cases, a successful defense will rely on proving that there was an illegal search or seizure by police or other authorities. In other situations, it is essential to negotiate with the prosecution to reach the best outcome. Treatment options or pretrial diversion programs may be available. The important thing is to talk to a knowledgeable lawyer before you talk to law enforcement about the case.

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