Take MDMA, Ecstasy And Molly Charges Seriously

Drug cases involving MDMA, Ecstasy or "Molly" are prosecuted strongly in Florida. A conviction can lead not only to jail time, but to a severe mark on your record. College students who are convicted of drug offenses can lose their financial aid and experience many other unwanted consequences.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges related to MDMA or other "rave drugs," you need to obtain the advice of an attorney before talking to the police about the case. You need proper legal representation if you wish to reach the best possible outcome. That's where I can help.

Knowledgeable Defense Representation For Students And Young People

At Rogo Law, a firm based in Tampa and Plant City, I advise and represent young people and their families in difficult drug matters. I have represented college students at numerous schools, including the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa. I can help you and your family answer important questions like:

  • Is there any way to get my MDMA case dismissed?
  • Will I have to go to jail if this is my first offense?
  • Can I avoid jail if I go into treatment, drug court or a diversion program?
  • What if the drugs weren't mine?
  • Will I get kicked out of school if I am convicted?

Every case is different. I will review your case, free of charge, and help you understand your defense options.

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If you need a defense lawyer for a drug matter, do not delay. Contact me for a free consultation before you talk to the police about the case.