Drug Cultivation And Grow Houses Charges

In Florida, the illegal growing of marijuana can land you in jail or prison. In some cases, a judge must follow mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines.

Generally, law enforcement authorities weigh cannabis plants that they have confiscated and have a suspect charged based on the supposed weight. The problem is that cops and agents often weigh dirt, tubes and other legal items, which can increase the weight to levels that lead to serious trafficking charges. Another problem is that police and other enforcement officers sometimes make arrests based on illegal searches of a home.

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For people accused of operating marijuana grow houses, proper defense representation is essential — sooner rather than later. You need to protect your rights. You need to get your questions answered. You do not need to speak to investigators about the case without consulting a lawyer first.

I am criminal defense attorney Jason Rogozinski of Rogo Law, based in Tampa and Plant City. If you have been charged with cultivation of marijuana or another serious drug crime, I can help you answer questions like:

  • Does it matter how many plants I had?
  • I don't think the police had a warrant. What if there was an illegal search?
  • Will I have to go to jail?
  • What if this is my first offense?
  • What if the cannabis plants don't belong to me?

Every marijuana case is different. As your attorney, I will make sure your case gets the attention it deserves. I will fight for your rights and see to it that your case ends as favorably as possible under the circumstances. I will be honest with you throughout the process of your case.

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