Take Criminal Traffic Violations Seriously

Not all traffic tickets are the same. Some tickets are given for civil (noncriminal) offenses, while others are essentially prosecuted as crimes. In Florida, drunk driving is a crime, as is driving without a valid license.

If you have been charged with a criminal traffic violation, you should treat the matter seriously because it can affect your future. In addition to the possibility of losing your driving privileges and paying large fines, you may be dealing with penalties as serious as incarceration. You should not talk to law enforcement about your case without first talking to an attorney.

Get Practical Advice When Facing Criminal Traffic Violations

I am criminal defense lawyer Jason Rogozinski. At Rogo Law in Tampa and Plant City, I represent drivers who find themselves in trouble after an arrest or a serious traffic citation. As a highly experienced advocate who has handled thousands of criminal and traffic cases over the years, I am able to help my clients protect their legal rights and reach the most positive possible outcome to their cases. I can help you if your case involves:

If you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI, time is of the essence if you want to keep your driving privileges. If you contact an attorney within 10 days of the incident, you may be able to obtain a hardship license so you can get to and from work.

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Every criminal traffic matter is different. Talk to me about your options for resolving your case as smoothly and quickly as possible.