Types Of Cases We Handle

No matter the severity and nature of criminal charges, involving an attorney is one of the most important steps a defendant can take to actively protect his or her freedom and future.

At Rogo Law, we assist clients throughout Tampa in all aspects of criminal cases. We provide experienced counsel in the face of criminal investigations, arrests and formal charges. Following are some of the areas of practice that we may be able to assist you with:

Assault And Battery

A defendant can be charged with assault and battery at the same time if a certain criminal act is carried out. The act of assault involves threatening to cause injury, while battery is the threat of violence carried out. The terms should not be used interchangeably.

Bench Warrants

If you missed a scheduled court date, you likely have a bench warrant in your name. Failing to appear at a hearing can lead to even more criminal consequences, and if you are tired of running from your bench warrant, you should talk to an attorney at once.


Entering a home, office, vehicle or building with the intent to commit another crime is known as burglary. To be charged criminally with burglary, an individual does not need to actually commit a crime once inside. These charges may be reduced to misdemeanor trespass with help from an attorney.


With modern advances in computer technology and the Internet, cybercrimes have come a long way in the past decade. The FBI closely monitors criminal activity involving computers and the information superhighway. Cybercrimes can cross state lines as well as international borders, thus incurring serious criminal penalties.

Conspiracy Cases

Conspiracy refers to when two or more people "conspire" to commit an illegal act. The act does not have to be carried out for conspiracy charges to be levied against the conspirators. Furthermore, a person can be charged with conspiracy in addition to the crime itself.


Simply put, counterfeiting is making a fake of something. This could include money, clothing, brand name items and documents. The federal government deals with these types of crimes and it does so severely. Recently, there has been a worldwide crackdown on this type of crime. Such an accusation should not be ignored or taken lightly. The right defense could help shape your future for the better.

Disorderly Conduct/Disorderly Intoxication

Disorderly conduct and disorderly intoxication charges can be attained in several ways, including acting inappropriately in a public place. If you are facing either of these criminal charges, be sure to talk to an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a criminal charge that can be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony offense, depending upon the specific circumstances. In many cases, domestic violence charges result as a misunderstanding or due to a hidden agenda by a member of the family.

Driving With A Suspended License

Have you been accused of driving with a suspended license? In many cases, a license may be suspended without the driver's knowledge due to failure to pay a certain bill or tax or simply because it expired. It is important to understand your rights and secure legal representation if you have been charged with this offense.

Drug Crimes

There are many types of drug offenses in Florida, including trafficking, distribution, possession and sales. If you or someone you love has been accused and is under investigation for any type of drug crime, do not wait to call an attorney.

DUI Defense

Drunk driving charges may seem to be harmless and among the least penalized of all offenses, but you should not be fooled. DUI charges are very serious and can have lifelong effects on a defendant without proper legal representation.


Criminal charges are either felonies or misdemeanors. If you are facing either, you can be at risk for a long prison sentence, high fines, community service, a suspended license, probation and much more. Call our office today to get the help you need with any criminal charge.

Insurance Fraud

Fraud crimes are among the most serious offenses, especially because the federal government may become involved in an investigation and hand you additional charges. Insurance fraud includes making false statements or claiming another's identity for insurance purposes.

Juvenile Crimes

If your underage child has been accused of or charged with a crime such as DUI or a drug-related offense, you must immediately speak to an attorney. Your child's future is in jeopardy, and only a criminal lawyer will be able to protect him or her from facing lifelong consequences.

Leaving The Scene

Leaving the scene of an accident or fleeing the scene of a crime for any reason whatsoever is a crime in itself. Under very few circumstances will it be acceptable to leave the scene; you will face criminal charges and serious consequences if you are found guilty of this crime.


As one of the most serious violent crimes, manslaughter involves killing another person without malice aforethought or premeditation. A person commits manslaughter, for example, by killing a person in the "heat of the moment."


Murder is known as a crime against humanity in that it takes the life of another person. A person is charged with murder when he or she plans and kills another person for any reason. It is prosecuted harshly.

Mortgage Fraud

Have you been accused of making fraudulent claims on your mortgage paperwork? When people provide information for their mortgage, they are expected to be honest and not to conceal any necessary information. Mortgage fraud is very serious and will require the help of a criminal lawyer to defend against the charges.

Probation Violations

As part of a sentence, probation is given either in lieu of prison time or after a prison sentence. Those on probation must abide by all laws and complete certain tasks according to their sentence. Many people violate probation by mistake because they are unaware that their actions are in violation.

Resisting Arrest

When a person is being arrested, he or she is expected to comply with an officer's demands; unfortunately, misunderstandings between police officers and suspects lead to a charge known as resisting with or without violence.


Have you been convicted of a crime? Do you wish that you could take back the offense? Luckily, some cases are eligible for expungement, also known as the sealing of a criminal record. By working with an attorney, you may be able to have a criminal conviction on your record wiped clean.

Sex Crimes

Generally speaking, sex crimes charges are extremely serious charges that require prompt legal action. If you have been charged with rape, sexual assault, child pornography, meeting up with a minor or another sex crime, please contact us as soon as possible.

Tax Evasion

This crime is relatively common in the United States. It is estimated that the government loses billions of dollars every year because of tax evasion. The IRS deals with these issues and determines punishments. The law states that a person can be fined up to $100,000 and sentenced to five years in prison for this offense. It is important that you put together a strong defense that plants a reasonable doubt about the motive behind failing to file a tax return.

Theft Crimes

Theft crimes, including shoplifting, grand theft, burglary, robbery, and armed burglary and robbery, are taken very seriously in Florida. With a criminal defense attorney on your case, you may be able to defend yourself against the charges.

Weapons Charges

If you have been accused of violating the law regarding weapons and firearms, you may face serious consequences. Weapons charges may include unlawful possession of a firearm and use of a firearm, among many other criminal charges.

White Collar Crimes

Many people are unsure of what a white collar crime is, even if they have been accused of one. White collar crimes are generally criminal charges relating to finance or business such as fraud, embezzlement, forgery, bribery and more.

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