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Did you end your Florida vacation facing drunk driving charges?

Whether you live in Florida all year long or merely visit from time to time, you many enjoy many summer activities that the region has to offer. Summer vacations don't always go as planned, however, and if your most recent stay at the beach ended with drunk driving charges filed against you, it may not go down in history as one of your favorite vacations. As distressing as such situations can be, it doesn't necessarily have to ruin the rest of your life.

Strategies for fighting against drunk driving charges in court

Getting pulled over in traffic by Florida police is typically a stressful experience. Many times, the purpose for the stop is not immediately apparent, which can cause further anxiety. There are also times when a police officer states one reason for a traffic stop but winds up adding other citations (or even criminal charges, such as drunk driving).

Is your head spinning from drunk driving charges?

Suppose you visited your favorite Florida restaurant with a group of friends and were pulled over by police on your way home. Do you know whether they're allowed to search your vehicle, and whether you have the right to refuse to take a Breathalyzer test? What about options that might be available to fight against drunk driving charges? Knowing where to turn for support and to seek clarification of the laws that govern such matters may help you avoid serious problems if you're arrested on suspicion of intoxicated driving.

It is possible to avoid a drunk driving conviction in Florida

Nothing can ruin a night on the town like getting stopped by police on your way home. If an officer merely issues a warning regarding the speed limit, or informs you that one of your brake lights is not functioning, then tells you you're free to go, it might not be so bad, and the rest of the evening may pass without stress. However, if the officer tells you to step out of your car and submit to a Breathalyzer test, there's obviously a more pressing matter at hand. Being accused of drunk driving in Florida may mean the next weeks (or months) of your life will be some of the most challenging you've ever faced.

Were you charged with drunk driving after taking a breath test?

The thought of getting pulled over in Florida on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is enough to make anyone a bit anxious. Police officers often try to get motorists to admit to drunk driving even before a formal arrest has taken place. They may do this by asking questions regarding where a driver has been and what type of beverages they've consumed prior to getting behind the wheel. 

Drunk driving in Florida: obviously a serious matter

If your friends offer you alcohol while you're enjoying a night out together, you may be the one to politely decline if you also happen to be the one who will drive everyone home later. Perhaps you'll imbibe, but only a small glass of wine or a single beer because you don't want to get pulled over by police on suspicion of drunk driving. It's your choice, although you're likely among many in Florida whose parents raised them to believe that personal choices may affect others as well.

Drunk driving numbers go up during spring break

College students from all across the nation flock to Florida to enjoy some fun in the sun during the standard academic hiatus known as spring break. Many go to parties on the beach or take in local night life at various clubs and restaurants. It's not uncommon for alcohol to be included on such occasions. Where there are copious amounts of alcohol, drunk driving charges often follow.

Did your social occasion lead to drunk driving charges?

It's not uncommon for Florida residents to gather with friends and/or family members at any of numerous choice locations throughout the state for occasional social fun. Such gatherings often feature various types of culinary fare and might also include wine or other alcoholic beverages. Of course, every person of legal drinking age is obligated to adhere to all laws and regulations regarding operating motor vehicles after consuming alcohol. If someone gets pulled over and winds up facing drunk driving charges, avoiding conviction may prove quite challenging. 

When New Year's celebrations lead to drunk driving charges

Perhaps you're among many other Florida residents who recently celebrated the beginning of a brand new year. From watching the ball drop in Times Square, to partying with family and friends, various customs and traditions are common throughout the nation. Holiday joy may be cut short, however, if you drive yourself home, get pulled over and are charged with drunk driving.

When drunk driving charges interrupt your holiday season

Imbibing a drink or two that contains alcohol is not a crime for adults of legal drinking age, but it may be if the person drinking then gets behind the wheel of a car and drives. Even then, however, a driver's blood alcohol content level may be within legally accepted limits, and therefore does not constitute a criminal offense. While many travelers in Florida have already begun to celebrate the 2016 holiday season, some festivities will be brought to a halt for those who find themselves facing drunk driving charges.

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