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Man in Florida facing major drug charges after police raid

A man's house in Florida was searched by police at approximately 6 p.m. on a recent Saturday. The situation ended with the man's arrest. He is now facing serious drug charges regarding the incident. The 44-year-old will likely have his work cut out for him if he hopes to avoid conviction. However, criminal charges are not proof of guilt, and every defendant gets an opportunity to present a strong defense.

In this particular occurrence, police say they seized nearly $400,000 worth of drugs when they confiscated crystal methamphetamine, crack cocaine and other items purportedly associated with drug use during their raid. Authorities also say they seized close to $4,000 in cash inside the residence. The man living in the home has also been charged with maintaining a drug house.

One thing you don't want to do on probation: Face heroin charges

A 56-year-old man in Florida was arrested on a recent Thursday. The man happens to have already been serving a probation, and this situation will likely exacerbate his legal problems for sure. Police are accusing the man of heroin crimes.

Someone apparently tipped off the county sheriff's department regarding the man's possible association with illegal drug activity. Authorities visited him and subsequently placed him under arrest. They claim to have seized substantial amounts of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Criminal defense will likely be high priority following drug raid

Florida police have arrested nine people following a major drug raid on several homes. Developing criminal defense strategies will likely be a top priority for those taken into custody. There are reportedly at least six other people investigators are still trying to locate.

The police raid occurred in the North Fort Meyers area on a recent Thursday morning. Several people say illegal drug activity is an ongoing problem in the neighborhood. Local police records seem to substantiate that claim as they have apparently received at least 150 calls pertaining to the issue in the past month.

Did you end your Florida vacation facing drunk driving charges?

Whether you live in Florida all year long or merely visit from time to time, you many enjoy many summer activities that the region has to offer. Summer vacations don't always go as planned, however, and if your most recent stay at the beach ended with drunk driving charges filed against you, it may not go down in history as one of your favorite vacations. As distressing as such situations can be, it doesn't necessarily have to ruin the rest of your life.

The outcome in your particular situation will depend on various factors. For instance, if it's the first time you have ever been charged with DUI, your options for achieving a favorable result may increase. Of course, the central issue to be addressed in court is whether you consumed alcohol before getting pulled over. 

Several Florida residents facing serious drug charges

No one knows what a particular Florida man may have had planned for a recent Wednesday, but it's safe to say the day likely didn't pan out as he'd hoped. In fact, law enforcement officers entered his home and conducted a major search. The situation landed more than one person behind bars, each facing some very serious drug charges

Drug task force officials say someone tipped them off that there was supposedly a lot of marijuana at the residence in question. They claim that when they arrived at the residence, a man admitted to them that there was marijuana inside. Officers also say the man allowed them inside to search the premises.

Is a guilty plea a criminal defense strategy in some cases?

If a Florida resident is charged with a crime, it's understandable that he or she would want to fight against the formal accusations in court. In some situations, however, a criminal defense attorney might advise a particular client to plead guilty to some part or all of the charges on file. While it might not seem logical to someone with no legal background, in some circumstances a guilty plea may be the most viable option.

One man recently pleaded guilty to attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. Interestingly, he merely believed (reportedly without having concrete proof) that the device given to him by another party was indeed a bombing device. He admitted that he intended to use it to blow up a Jewish synagogue in the area.

Police say Florida residents facing drug charges are in Nazi gang

Police recently raided a mobile in home in Florida. They say the people living there are part of a supposed gang that includes the word Nazi in its title. The group is now facing drug charges due to the items police claim to have found in the home.

There were five people arrested following the drug raid. They range in ages from 24 to 47; some male, others female. Authorities say two of those arrested are known members of a Nazi gang. When they searched the premises, they allegedly found opiates, methamphetamine and multiple veteran identification cards that were supposedly stolen.

Vehicle passenger taken to jail on cocaine charges

When someone is traveling as a passenger in a vehicle, and a Florida police officer pulls the driver over in a traffic stop, it isn't likely the passenger expects to be handcuffed and taken to jail. However, there's all sorts of situations that may lead to such circumstances, such as if the officer claims to have witnessed the passenger committing a crime. One man was recently arrested in a similar situation involving allegations of cocaine possession. 

The man was riding in his friend's car. The friend got pulled over by police for not wearing a seat belt. The officer later claimed that when he approached the vehicle, he immediately noticed a scent that smelled like marijuana. He searched the vehicle and says he found a backpack near the passenger's feet on the floorboard that had bags of cocaine inside.

Criminal defense often next step after police show up at the door

It's not every day people dressed in Homeland Security shirts show up at a home in Florida. That's exactly what happened recently, however, when police and federal agents moved in on a private residence to conduct a search. Such situations often necessitate criminal defense assistance for those involved, which is likely what the woman who was taken into custody is pursuing.

The home in question is in Fort Myers.  Two men were apparently handcuffed to chairs in the yard while investigators and K-9 units searched the property and sniffed several cars that were there. When reporters approached authorities after the Wednesday raid, officials refused to speak about the incident, claiming they weren't at liberty to do so since it was part of an ongoing investigation.

4 mistakes college students make with alcohol and the law

As a freshman prepping for your first semester at college, you need to inform yourself about the consequences of improper alcohol use to avoid getting into serious trouble. For many, college life comes with lots of partying and opportunities to make dumb mistakes, and when it comes to drinking and driving, these may have lasting consequences.

Unfortunately, alcohol impairs your judgment. Be smart and become familiar now with these common pitfalls of college partyers.

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