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Police file drug charges against 3 people in Florida

Multiple arrests were made recently at a particular Florida condominium complex after a recent drug raid. The trio now faces serious drug charges following the after-hours incident. The situation underscores the fact that not all police investigations take place during daylight hours, and those being investigated are not always aware that police intend to pay a visit.

In fact, a 34-year-old woman said she was sound asleep when police entered her apartment. Before she knew it, she was reportedly taken away in handcuffs. She was still in her pajama pants at the time.

Delray drug rehab owner facing criminal defense situation

Florida is a beautiful state with many amenities to offer residents and visitors alike. However, it's also plagued, like many other states in the nation, by the consequences of a thriving illegal drug market. In fact, a high-profile criminal defense situation developed recently after a lengthy investigation that resulted in the arrest of 30-year-old man who owns a drug rehab center in Delray.

The man is no longer in jail as he was able to post a $250,000 bond. A 32-year-old colleague of his was also taken into police custody with a bond set at $200,000. Investigators claim the two men were involved in an insurance fraud scheme that amounted to approximately $58 million in erroneous charges to various insurance companies.

Can tattoos help people avoid heroin convictions in Florida?

Getting "tatted up," as it's called informally, is all the rage in Florida and throughout the United States. Even people over age 50 are spending thousands of dollars to turn their bodies into virtual walking art galleries. Having a prominent tattoo (similar to a birthmark) helps fine-tune a person's identification. It begs the question then, whether such marks can help get someone out of trouble, say when facing heroin charges or other drug-related allegations.

If police arrest a person on suspicion of a drug crime and that person is able to show a facial tattoo or other body mark that does not fit the description of the individual who allegedly committed the crime in question, he or she may be able to get off the hook in court. Of course, such things could actually work against a defendant as well. Whether the many facial tattoos of a man recently arrested and charged with drug crimes will come into play as he navigates the Florida criminal justice system remains to be seen.

Not the first time this man has faced drug charges in Florida

When a person is convicted of a crime in Florida and is sent to jail as part of his or her sentence, the abrupt change in lifestyle often comes as a shock. There are many regulations behind bars that the average person doesn't encounter in everyday life outside a jail cell, such as rules about what type of hairstyle is acceptable. One man currently facing drug charges in this state may have to change his appearance if things don't go his way in court. 

The man is familiar to many state officials in the criminal justice system due to his rather extensive criminal record. He was arrested on a recent Thursday in Miami Beach on suspicion of felony drug crimes. When police encountered the 59-year-old man, he was sporting what most would call a very peculiar hairstyle on his head and face.

Strategies for fighting against drunk driving charges in court

Getting pulled over in traffic by Florida police is typically a stressful experience. Many times, the purpose for the stop is not immediately apparent, which can cause further anxiety. There are also times when a police officer states one reason for a traffic stop but winds up adding other citations (or even criminal charges, such as drunk driving).

Being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol does not necessarily mean you will be convicted. After all, police are capable of error, and various things can go wrong with chemical test equipment so results produced are inaccurate. One of the ways to weaken prosecutors' strategies is to challenge Breathalyzer test results or other evidence in court.

Florida residents clap when police make arrest for drug charges

Sometimes, people in Florida get in trouble with the law and are able to mitigate their circumstances, avoid convictions, and get their lives back on track without having to endure long-term consequences. For many, their situations are one-time-only events. Others, however, seem to find themselves facing similar challenges time and again, such as one man who was recently taken into police custody on drug charges.

Police officers reportedly showed up at a particular home where the man was and conducted a search. They say the found cocaine as well as six firearms and a substantial amount of ammunition during their raid. This alleged discovery placed the man in a problematic situation.

Tinted windows lead to drug charges in Florida traffic stop

A vehicle was recently at the toll plaza of Alligator Alley in Florida when police officers in the vicinity say they noticed the car's windows were very dark. Apparently, the situation concerned the officers enough that they decided to make a traffic stop near mile marker 94 on the toll road. The events that unfolded thereafter resulted in drug charges being filed against one man, while another man escaped on foot and remains at large.

Police say the pulled over the BMW because they suspected the windows on the vehicle were illegally tinted. Officers approached the vehicle and had a few words with the 24-year-old driver. There was also a passenger inside the car at the time.

False positive cocaine analysis lands man in jail for 90 days

Sometimes, a mere traffic stop turns into a much more serious situation when Florida police officers suspect illegal activity on the driver's part. For instance, a man was stopped for driving without his headlights on and wound up getting arrested on the spot. Authorities say the man happened to be on probation at the time and was out past his curfew. Accusations involving cocaine and other drugs followed as well.

A series of errors that then occurred shows not every person in jail is guilty of a crime. In this man's particular case, the probation accusation was later proved inaccurate due to a computer glitch. That wasn't the last of the man's problems, however.

Florida’s drug offenders need treatment, not incarceration

Regardless of whether you have ever spent any time behind bars in Florida, you probably know that the state’s jails and prisons are full of prisoners serving time for drug-related offenses, many they committed to help feed their addictions. Some Florida drug offenders like you are receiving offers to take part in drug court programs as opposed to serving jail time, and these programs can help you beat your drug addiction while offering additional benefits for your community.

Though drug courts are not yet available everywhere in the state, those that are in operation typically hold addicts accountable by requiring regular drug tests and appearances in front of the court in conjunction with drug treatment. Should you enter and complete drug court, know that you:

Drug charges not the only problems these 5 people are facing

Three men and two women ranging in ages from 38 to 63 were arrested after Florida police officers paid them a visit in The Villages in Sumter County. Supposedly, it was their neighbors who first contacted authorities, claiming they were up to illegal activities. The sheriff's office and a SWAT team initiated a search at the residence, then filed drug charges.

When authorities wish to enter and search a Florida residence, they typically must first produce a valid warrant. In fact, a resident can typically refuse entry to any police officer who asks to come inside his or her home without possession of a search warrant. There have actually been situations where police have forcibly entered private residences without due cause, thereby creating grounds for those later charged with crimes to challenge evidence as inadmissible in court.

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